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15 Things You Learned From Your Favourite Teacher

By Tara Hari

Teachers mold you into the person you are supposed to be. Other than your family, teachers are the most prominent and important adults in your life. Teachers help you live up to your full potential. A good teacher can make you and a bad teacher can break you. All students are sure to have teachers they loved and teachers they hated throughout their school years. But having a favourite teacher means something else. It is like having a role model, a mentor and a friend, all rolled into one.

A favourite teacher is somebody who you will remember for the rest of your life. He or she might have affected some of the most important decisions in your life. A favourite teacher is somebody who helps you learn the facts and ways of life. Somebody who helped you through the most difficult years of your life. So let us look at the 15 things that you learn from your favourite teacher.


Be Yourself

Your favourite teacher teaches you it is alright to be yourself. You favourite teacher helps you realize that you do not have to pretend to be somebody you are not, just to fit in with the other kids.


Hidden Talents

Your favourite teacher helps you discover talents you never even thought you had and helps you hone them.


Express Yourself

Your favourite teacher allows you to express yourself. You are encouraged to think and speak freely, without the fear of being chided or laughed at.


Fun Learning

Your favourite teacher teaches you that learning does not have to be an arduous task. It can be fun and entertaining at the same time.


Form Opinions

Your favourite teacher helps you form the right opinions in life. You are taught to think for yourself, instead of blindly believing what is told to you.


Speak Up

Unlike most adults, your favourite teacher never tells you "kids should be seen and not heard". You are encouraged to voice your opinions.


No Prejudices

Your favourite teacher teaches you not to have prejudices about people because of external appearances or personal choices.


Good Loser

Your favourite teacher teaches you to be gracious in victory and, more importantly, to be sportive when you lose. This is one lesson which will come handy throughout your life.


Life Lessons

Your favourite teacher prepares you for the hardships and the success that you will eventually face in life. You learn to prepare yourself for what life has to offer you from them. They will be the guiding voice in your brain that always tells you to do the right thing.



Your favourite teacher never treats you like an inferior simply because of your age. You never feel like you are being talked down to, unlike with a lot of adults. They listen to your problems and talk to you, rather than dictate to you.


Hard Work

Your favourite teacher teaches you the importance of hard work and the futility of cheating. You learn that only the fruit of hard work tastes sweet at the end of the day.


Make Friends

Your favourite teacher teaches you how to make friends and how to keep friends. You learn the value and importance of friendship.



Your favourite teacher teaches you the importance of kindness to other human beings. Many children are bullied in school. You learn to stand up to the bullies and be kind to the kids who may be different from you.


Love Yourself

Your favourite teacher teaches you to love yourself. They teach you to embrace every aspect of yourself. A lot of children develop self-esteem issues in school. Your favourite teacher teaches you to accept and be proud of your uniqueness.



Your favourite teacher may be the reason you decide to choose a certain subject as your career. Just as easily as a bad teacher can make you hate a subject, your favourite teacher can make you fall in love with a subject.

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