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World Post Office Day 2020: History And Significance Of This Day

Before digital modes of communication came into place, letters were one of the most feasible ways of communicating. People used to send letters to each other to contact on various occasions. Not only this, but people used to send telegrams for urgent communication.

To acknowledge the importance of the postal system, 9 October 1969 was declared as the World Post Office Day. During this pandemic when most of the important services were stopped to control the widespread of coronavirus, the postal services continued to work. This World Post Day, we should express our gratitude to the people working in the postal services.

To celebrate this day in a memorable way, we are here with some details about the day that you need to know.

History Of World Post Office Day

World Post Office Day was established in the remembrance of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which was established in 1874 in Bern Switzerland. The day was declared by the UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1969. Since then, every year, 9 October is observed as the World Post Office Day. The major aim of observing this day was to highlight the importance of postal services across the world.

Those who don't know in the year 1849 Sir Rowland Hill introduced the system of prepaid postage letters. People had to pre-pay for the postage on their letters. He introduced the postal stamps

Significance Of World Post Office Day

  • The day is observed to highlight the valuable contribution of the postal service in a country's economic and social development.
  • This World Post Office Day we need to thank the postal operators and their staff for their incredible series even during the difficult time.
  • Even during this pandemic, the postal services have helped a lot in reaching out to people across the world.
  • If you are wondering how then take a moment to realise that these people delivered all sorts of life-saving medicines and the necessary equipment needed during this pandemic.