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Happy Birthday October Born: Some Personality Traits That Make Them Special!

As October begins, it bids goodbye to the summer season and paves way for the winter season in the North pole. In addition to this, October also brings the birthdays of people born in this month. At times, you may wonder if the birth month of a person has an impact on his/her behaviour.

Well, there are many theories that provide a positive answer to this question. Believe it or not, the birth month significantly affects the personality of different people. If you are wondering what are the personalities of people born in the month of October, then scroll down the article to read more.


1. They Are Honest People

People born in the month of October always prefer to stick to the truth. No matter how tough the situation is, these people will never leave their honesty. Their honesty helps them in figuring out if someone is faking. Since these people are quite honest and always stick to the truth, they expect their loved ones to be the same. They hate being around those who are spurious or fickle.


2. They Are Peace-Loving

People born in this month are peace-loving and prefer to stay in a calm environment. In order to maintain peace in their life, they try their best to avoid any sort of conflict with people around them. They know how to foster a healthy and harmonious relationship with others. You won't find them raising their voice or taking advantage of someone for the sake of their benefit or pleasure. They will never complicate anything and will make sure that things fall in the right place.


3. They Have A Romantic Side

If you are dating someone who was born in October and are wondering if he/she will become a good partner, then you don't have to worry about it. This is because these people are quite romantic and know how to make their relationship healthier and happier. For them love plays an important role in their life and therefore, they love with all their hearts. They invest their emotions and time in the relationship to make their partner feel loved and special.


4. They Possess Creative And Intelligent Minds

If you know someone who is an October-born, then you will agree that he/she is creative and intelligent. At times, you will be amazed to see their creativity and out of the box ideas. These people know how to beautify things and add a personal touch to whatever they are doing. What makes them even more beautiful is how intelligently they use their minds and insight to bring out the best in everything.


5. They Are Emotional And Calm People

These people are emotional beings and are often seen letting their emotions flow out. But when we say emotional beings we don't mean to say that they cry their eyes out. In fact, these people know how to utilise their emotional intelligence to deal with problems around them. These people do feel sorry for others sufferings and would extend their helping hands but they are intelligent enough to make sure no one takes advantage of their emotions.


6. They Love To Take Challenges And Accomplish Them

If you are thinking of challenging an October-born, then think again as these people love accepting challenges and accomplishing them. No matter what it is, they won't accept the defeat easily. Unless they don't give their best and try all possibilities, they will keep making efforts to win all the challenges surrounding them. These people are never afraid of the several problems and challenges in life.


7. They Are Quite Optimistic

One of the best things about October-born people is that they are highly optimistic. They know sufferings aren't forever and things will be alright in the end. They won't give up on something so easily. No matter how tough the situation is, these people never lose their hope. Even if they fail at something, they will keep on trying until they gain success and achieve their goals. This is what makes them stubborn towards achieving their goals and fulfilling their dreams.


8. They Are Spendthrift

Every person has both positive and negative qualities and so do people born in the month of October. People born in this month usually spend a lot of money and they often end up buying things they may not need. If they have money, no one can stop them from buying luxurious items and whatever they desire. They are often seen spending on branded clothes, shoes and many other things. Due to this, they may not be able to save enough money and face money-related problems.


9. They Give First Priority To Their Family

For these people their family holds a significant place in their life. No matter how pre-occupied they are they will always give first priority to their family. They are quite good at maintaining a healthy relationship with their family members. With the help of unconditional love, honesty, affection and mutual respect, they find it easier to keep their family united.


10. They Often Throw Personal Remarks

This is one of those personality traits that October-born people can't help. There can be times when you may find them making personal remarks on others. There can be times when they may end up giving their personal opinions on other's behaviour and personality. At times, they may not realise this but their personal and negative remarks can hurt others.

So these were some of the interesting personality traits of October-born people that make them special and unique. If you relate to the above-mentioned points, then share this story with someone you know is an October-born and if you are that person, then we wish Happy Birthday and a great year ahead.

Story first published: Thursday, October 1, 2020, 15:45 [IST]