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Happy Birthday May Born: 12 Personality Traits About People Born In This Month

It is a popular belief that the birth month of a person can determine his/her personality. However, one cannot deny that different people exhibit different personality traits and so differ from each other. But there are a few qualities that can be found in people born in a particular month. So, today we are here to talk about the personality traits of people born in the month of May.

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1. They Are Hard Working People

People born in this month are quite passionate about their work. When it comes to working, you will always find them giving their best. You will never find them seeking a shortcut to avoid hard work. For them, sweating hard till you achieve your goals is way too important.


2. They Are Self Motivated

These people are highly self-motivated. Their strong will power never lets them give up anything so easily. Moreover, since they are quite passionate about their work, motivation comes naturally to them. They will hardly leave any work incomplete and will make sure to give their best in whatever they do. Even if they face criticism and cold behaviour from others, they won't leave their work in between.


3. They Have A Creative Side

People born in this month have a great love for art and literature. You may not be knowing this as they are masters at hiding their creativity and other skills. They hate bragging about their creativity and other talents. They prefer disclosing their creative side to those who are close to their hearts. You will be amazed to see their creative side as they are quite proficient at it.


4. They Can Be Stubborn At Times

Though people born in May are easy-going, at times they can be stubborn too. They often want things to be done in their own way. There can be times when they may find themselves in problems due to their stubborn behaviour. One of the reasons behind their stubborn nature could be their passion for their work and achieving their goals. This can make them feel uncomfortable to understand others perspectives.


5. They Are Quiet Emotional

These people are quite soft at hearts. You will find them extremely affectionate towards their loved ones. They will try their best to make their loved ones happy. But despite being emotional, these people rarely cry in front of everyone. They do not like showing their tears as they have strong feelings as well. In fact, they will make sure to utilise their emotions in the best possible way.


6. They Are Enthusiastic People

One of the best things about people born in this month is that they are quite enthusiastic. They become restless if their work remains incomplete. You will hardly find them feeling exhausted and low. They know how to utilise their skills and enthusiasm to fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals. Their mind is already full of numerous thoughts. They keep analysing their thoughts, actions, decisions and future plans.


7. They Love Travelling

If you want to be friends with someone who loves travelling and exploring places, then you can surely be friends with people born in May. It won't be any wrong to call these people as born travellers. They are ever ready to travel and explore new places. They are fond of meeting new people, knowing their culture and making new memories. They will never let go of any opportunity to travel around the world.


8. They Can Be Money-Spenders

If you know someone who was born in May then you will agree that he/she is at times, money spender. They are fond of living a luxurious life and for this, they don't mind being extravagant. They will make sure to bring the best gifts for people they love and value the most. But that doesn't mean they can't save money at all. If they have made their mind to save money, you will be surprised to see that they won't take a penny out of their pocket.


9. They Are Rational People

People born in this month are quite rational. They do not believe anything blindly. For them setting up realistic goals is way too important and the right way to live. Though they often daydream, they prefer being realistic and working hard for their goals. This is because they know only hard work and consistency in their efforts can bring success to them. They always choose a logical, rational and sensible way of living their lives.


10. They Love Being In Spotlight

People born in this month are great lovers of fame. But that doesn't mean they will gain fame through unfair means. Instead, they work hard to reach the top and be in the spotlight. They know that they are working hard for their dreams and therefore, they deserve name and fame. Moreover, they are loved by people around them and thus, at times, they don't have to work too hard to be the center of attraction.


11. They Are A Bit, Possessive Lovers

So, if you are dating someone who was born in the month of May, then you will agree that these people are a bit, possessive lovers. These people are extremely caring and loving for their partners. They may feel jealous of people trying to get close to their partners. You may need to deal with your partner's possessiveness for you.


12. They Are Short Tempered As Well

People born in May are also short-tempered. They may lose their cool for even a small thing. People who are not serious about their future and lives may annoy people born in this month. You may never know if you are annoying them until they burst into anger. However, the good thing is that their short temper usually lasts for a while and they know how to deal with their anger.

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So, these were some of the personality traits of people born in this month. If you know someone who was born in this month, then you can make the person feel special by sharing this article with him/her. Also, if it is you then we wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Story first published: Friday, May 1, 2020, 7:00 [IST]