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Happy Birthday August Born: 12 Personality Traits That Make Them Beautiful 

When it comes to people's behaviour, it is believed that the birth month can have some influence on one's personality. The same goes for people born in the month of August. These people are usually ruled by Sun and Moon as this is what makes them unique and special.

Their stunning and dynamic personality traits make them stand out in the crowd. Today we are, therefore, here with a list of personality traits that make people born in the month of August quite special.


1. They Are Self-Motivated

People born in the month of August are highly motivated and therefore, do not need an external push. They are quite determined to achieve their goals, make the best in the career and overcome each and every hurdle in their career. The best thing about them is that they never lose hope even when they fail at something. In fact, they keep on trying until they reach their goals.


2. They Love Their Personal-Space

All of us love to enjoy our personal space and so do people born in the month of August. At times they crave to have their me-time and be in their own solitude. No matter if it is their personal or professional space, they can never let anyone invade their personal space. They love to keep things private. Though they interact with everyone, they do not trust everyone so easily. They put their trust only in a few selected ones.


3. They Find It Difficult To Share Their Feelings Face To Face

Someone who is August born will often find it difficult to share their feelings face-to-face with others. Even if they are drowned in pain, they won't let anyone know about the storm inside them. They are quite good at hiding their pain with a pleasant smile on their faces. This is because they do not find it comfortable to share their struggles with others. To feel better and reduce their pain, they end up writing what they feel. Perhaps, therefore, they are quite good writers.


4. They End Up Securing Managerial Position

Don't be surprised if your August-born friend ends up securing a managerial position. This is because these people are quite good at managing things. Also, they have strong leadership skills. They know how to utilise their charisma and intellect to lead people and prove their exceptional managerial skills. So, if you are a fan of the way your boss handles things at the workplace, then you can check if he/she is an August born.


5. They Love To Be In The Spotlight

Do you wonder why your August-born friend is so fond of the spotlight? Well, this is because it is one of their personality traits. Their charisma and attractive personality make them earn name and fame in the field of entertainment. Not only this, but they make heads turn towards them in whatever they do. People can't help it but notice and admire their dynamic personality.


6. They Are Stubborn In Nature

If you know someone who was born in August, then you will agree that at times they become a bit stubborn. Their pride and ego may not allow them to share their feelings, even if they are heartbroken. Not only this, but they may not forget those who make them angry and lose their cool. There can be times when they won't decline to another's wish or requests.


7. They Never Get Impressed So Easily

When it comes to relationships and dating, these people are quite selective. It would be no wrong to say that these people have a bit high standards. Though you may find them annoying, these people know what they deserve. They won't settle down easily for something less than what they want. They do not want a partner who would pamper them with gifts and expensive dates at fancy restaurants. They expect genuine love, care and support from their partners.


8. They Hate Wasting Money

Wasting money or being extravagant isn't something that people born in the month of August like to do. They hate those who waste money and purchase things that aren't needed. These people are quite good at handling finances and you will hardly find them in debts. They know how to save money for the future and you will seldom find them borrowing money from others.


9. They Get Irritated Easily

If you are someone who keeps on asking stupid questions and cracking lame jokes, then you may not be in the good books of an August born. This is because people born in the month of August aren't fond of lame jokes and stupid questions. At times they may get irritated by even the smallest things. Once irritated, they won't hesitate to express their irritation.


10. They Are Tolerant (Unless You Push Them To The Edge)

People born in this month are quite patient and do not lose their cool so easily. It takes a lot to anger these people. Once they get angry, things can get quite ugly. They may explode in anger. They may forget about others and shout at those who annoy them. Since their rage gets red, yelling at others may make them feel better.


11. They Are Good At Teaching

Whether it is teaching a class of students or friends, people born in this month are good teachers. If you have a friend who teaches you each and every concept prior to exams, then he/she is likely to be an August born. These people are quite good at grasping the concept and then explaining the same to others. So, next time you find a concept too hard to grasp, you know who can help you.


12. They Are Always Right

Believe it or not, these people are always right. You can always rely on what they advise or suggest to you. This is because they are just like that old wise owl who will always come up with the right advice. Whether it is an argument on if you should date the girl/boy you met online or if you should look for a new job, they will figure out what's right for you. It would be no wrong to say that 9 out 10 times, they are right in what they say.

August-born people are full of talents and many other traits that make them beautiful, both inside and out. So, if you know someone who was born in the month of August, then you can share this article with him/her. And if it is you who is an August born, then we wish you a very happy birthday. May you have a great year ahead.

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