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Ozone Day Challenge: Successful Challenge By MASH Project Foundation And Josh

With an intention to educate the youth about the need for becoming eco-friendly and sustainable, Josh, India's fastest growing and most engaging short-video app and the MASH Project Foundation, an award-winning social enterprise that is enabling an ecosystem for social impact, is organizing the Ozone Day campaign and #PlasticSeFight challenge beginning on 15th September 2022 which will lead upto 22nd September 2022 creating an online impact to sensitize the youth about the ban of single use plastic and discuss the available sustainable options.

The idea is to raise awareness about Ozone layer conservation and shed light on the importance of recycling plastic. The challenge is becoming a platform for people to learn what they can do on an individual level for environment conservation. The campaign is launched in 10+ languages and is receiving an overwhelming response in the form #PlasticSeFight filter on the app.

Ozone Day is an initiative to bring forth the message of adapting sustainable methods to prevent the depletion of the ozone layer. The campaign is an attempt to support the recent ban of single use plastic. As the citizens of India and fellow humans we have certain responsibility towards the environment which can only be taken into consideration when people are sensitized around the topic.

Please click here for the challenge:

The narrative of the campaign was to spread awareness about environment conservation, the importance of the ozone layer and how people can contribute for environment protection by following simple ways such as the 4 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycling, and Recover. Leveraging the power of short-video content, the campaign aims to engage the audience with the idea of sustainability, its need, and their responsibility towards environment conservation.

Founder of MASH Project Foundation, Aashish Beergi said, "One of the core values of MASH Project Foundation is acting sustainably, as an organization which is majorly run by the youth and work towards youth fulfillment of the SDGs, we have always tried to be conscious about our organization's carbon footprint, from banning plastic products in the workplace to organizing various environment conservation initiatives, MASH has been in the forefront of all."

Anuja Bali, Core team member, from Warrior Moms says, "The cause of sustainability is central to the ecosystem and Warrior Moms are happy to join hands with the Ozone Day Filter on Josh to sensitize the youth about the importance of clean air and the ways they can contribute. Clean air is our most basic need and right.

As moms, all we want is a better, breathable future for all the children of India."

About Josh

Josh is a made-in-India, short-video app launched in August 2020 by VerSe Innovation. It represents a confluence of India's top 1000+ best creators, 20000 strong managed community of creators, the 10 biggest music labels, 15+ million UGC creators, best in class content creation tools, the hottest entertainment formats, and formidable user demographics. Josh has been consistently rated as the leading Indian short-video app in India on the Play store with 100 million+ downloads. Josh is currently the fastest growing and most engaged short-video app in India with 115+ million MAUs (Monthly Active Users) and 56+ million DAUs (Daily Active Users).

About MASH Project Foundation

MASH Project Foundation is an award-winning social enterprise committed to building and empowering a global community of social changemakers. It works with national and international organizations to deliver high-quality social impact through its interventions on community building, capacity development and amplifying impact through campaigns and communication solutions.

MASH Project Foundation -

Aashish Beergi - Founder MASH -

Story first published: Saturday, September 17, 2022, 16:10 [IST]
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