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National Voters' Day 2021: Know About The History, Significance And Celebrations Of This Day

In India, every year on 25 January, National Voters' Day is observed to inspire the citizens to acknowledge the importance of casting their vote. It aims to encourage the 18 years old to participate in the electoral process. Since ours is a country that has 600 million young people, they are expected to choose the right government after analysing all the parameters. This year we will be celebrating the 10th National Voters' Day. So, in order to know the history and significance of this day scroll down the article.

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History Of National Voters' Day

It also marks the foundation of the Election Commission of India on 25 January 1950. It was in the year 2011 when National Voter's Day came into existence to inspire people, especially young voters to cast their votes.

Earlier, people who were 21 years old or more than that were eligible to cast their votes. But it then in 1988, the standard age to cast votes was reduced to 18 years. Since then those who turn 18 years old, can cast their votes.

Significance Of National Voters' Day

  • The National Voter's Day is celebrated with the intent of making people aware of how their votes decide the future of the country.
  • People are asked to choose the candidate while keeping the progress of the country in the mind. Choosing a candidate just because he or she belongs to your region, religion, caste or culture may degrade the development and future of the country.
  • Over 91 Crore people are registered by the Election Commission of India to cast their votes. Therefore, it becomes highly important to spread awareness for casting votes during the election.
  • Several ads and educational videos are released on this day to spread awareness about the importance of the vote.
  • New voters (whose names get added to the Electoral List) are appreciated on this day and presented with a badge with 'Proud to be Voter- Ready to Vote' written on it. Those who have turned 18 and didn't enroll themselves in the Electoral List are asked to enroll themselves.

Celebration On National Voters' Day

  • Every year a theme is decided for celebrating National Voters' Day. The theme of National Voter's Day 2020 is 'Electoral Literacy for a Stronger Democracy'.
  • The celebration on this day starts with a welcome speech, songs, folk dances and numerous competitions such as drawing, painting and rangoli designs. These competitions are also organised depending upon the various themes that are decided during the celebration.
  • The day is celebrated at the Assembly Level, Constituency Level, District Level, State Level, and National Level to let people know the importance of this day and their valuable vote.
  • The President of India is the Chief Guest at the National Voter's Day celebration.

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