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Mother’s Day 2020: Cool Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Mother In This Lockdown

Mother's Day is certainly a beautiful day to honour our mothers and their love. Though there cannot be a fixed day to respect our mothers and make them feel loved, the idea is to dedicate a day to the person who brought us into this world. As we know, every year Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, this year the day falls on 10 May 2020. Though we are in a nation-wide lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, you would still wish to give your mother the best gift. You don't have to feel disheartened for not going out with your mother, celebrating the day and buying a nice gift for her. This is because we are here with some really cool gift ideas that you can choose from during this lockdown.

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1. Bake A Cake For Your Mother

A celebration would be incomplete without a cake. Remember those days when your mother baked a cake on your birthday and other occasions. You too can make one for your mother. There are so many recipes available online you can choose from. Or if you wish you can ask a recipe from your mother and then give your best in making a delicious cake. You can then decorate the cake in whatever way you want.


2. Make A Beautiful Greeting Card

What could be better than making a greeting card for your mother and penning down your emotions into it? A greeting card will always remind your mother of your love and respect for her. She will definitely praise your efforts and will feel extremely happy. But if you aren't good at making any greeting card, then you can go through various online tutorials dedicated to making beautiful greeting cards. You can decorate it with some vibrant colours and dried flower petals and leaves.


3. Bring Her Some Flowers

If your mother loves flowers then you can certainly bring a bunch of them for her. Or if you wish you can give her a flower pot. She will be more than happy and will take the best care of it. All you would need is to step out and find some flowers. If you are willing to give her a bouquet of flowers, then you can pix 2-3 different types of flowers and tie them nicely into a bouquet. You can also put a note in the bouquet, describing how grateful you are for having such a beautiful and loving mother.


4. Prepare Her Favourite Meal

No doubt it is our mothers who always cook delicious food for her and never fail to amaze us with their cooking skills. But this Mother's Day, give your mother a day off from the kitchen. Yes, you can take charge of preparing your mother' favourite meal and surprise her like never before. You can prepare all those things that your mother loves to have. Ask her what special she wants to eat and then you can start working on it. You can also make a sweet dish for her.

Once you are done cooking, make sure you do the dishes too as this will make your mother happier.


5. Buy Health Insurance For Her

Your mother always cares for your health and tries her best to keep you fit and healthy. For this, she never allows you to eat junk food and takes proper care whenever you fall ill. Well, you too can ensure that your mother stays healthy by buying health insurance for her. This will not only become the best gift for her but will also prove to be of great use. Your mother can get benefit from it if she falls ill.


6. Create A Slideshow Of Old Photographs

Going back to memory lanes is always worth it. You can make your mother feel special by creating a slideshow of old photographs. For this, you can choose some old pictures of you and your mother. You can also include your mother's childhood pictures if you have any. With soft music in the background and some pictures, you can help your mother in revisiting the old memory lanes. We bet you she will consider it one of the best gifts of her life and will appreciate your efforts.


7. Give Her Appreciation

For you, your mother is undoubtedly the best person in the world. So why not reward your mother for being the best human in your life? If you can arrange a small trophy or medal for your mother with a text over it saying, ‘World's Best Mother', then you can go for it. Or you can ask your entire family to gather in a room and there, you can appreciate your mother for her unconditional love and care. You can express your gratitude to her and seek forgiveness for your mistakes.


8. Order A Phone For Her

If possible, you can order a new phone for your mother and surprise her on Mother's Day. You can also order a personalised mobile case for your mother. In case, your mother already has a nice phone and is in no mood to change it, then you can check if she wants earphones, headphones or a charger for her phone.


9. Gift Her A Book

A book can always be a good option to make someone's day special. Therefore, on this Mother's Day, give your mother a nice book. You can ask her what her favourite genre is. Apart from this, you can give her some of the best selling books that you think would be a good read for her.

There are many more things that you can do to make your mother feel special such as you can dedicate a poem to her or go on a walk with her. Well, we are certainly in lockdown but you spend your entire day with your mother to make it a memorable day for her.

We wish you a Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!!