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Mother’s Day 2020: Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day In This Lockdown

Our mothers are one of the most important people in our lives. They are the ones who bring us into this world and take the best care of us. Perhaps, therefore, a mother is considered to be next to God. Mother's Day is an annual celebration observed across the world to honour the efforts and unconditional love of mothers. People do various things to make their mothers feel special and loved on this day.

At present, we are going through a nation-wide lockdown due to this coronavirus pandemic. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate Mother's Day to honour our mothers. Even if you are not with your mother, you can certainly think about ways to make this day a memorable one! In order to help you with this, we have mentioned down some cool ideas for you.

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1. Give Your Mother A Day Off From Kitchen

Our mothers work tirelessly every day in the kitchen. They never complain about it and will make sure to give her best in whatever she does. Therefore, if you are willing to celebrate the day with your mother, then how about giving your mother a day off from the kitchen? Prepare your mother's favourite breakfast and serve her. Similarly, for lunch and dinner, you can think of making something special for her to enjoy the day.


2. Clean The House And Do The Laundry

We all know how particular Indian mothers are when it comes to cleaning and laundry. You may agree that your mother always wanted you to help her with cleaning the house and doing the laundry. By taking charge of these, you can surely make her day. She will be amazed and pleased to see you doing these works.


3. Pen Down Your Emotions For Her

What could be more heart-touching than writing down your emotions for your mother on mother's day? You can write a poem, an incident close to your heart, or something that you would like to express through writings. You can then give the write-up to your mother and convey your best wishes to her. Believe us your mother will be more than happy to read what you wrote.


4. Give Her A Soothing Head Massage

Remember those days when you had a bad headache and your mother gave you a nice head massage. We are sure you must have enjoyed the way her hands massaged your head. Well, you can surely return the favour by giving your mother a soothing head massage. You can use any oil of your choice and start by running your fingers slowly within her hair. While giving her head massage, you can also have some chit-chat with her.


5. Call Your Mother, If You Are Not With Her

In case, you are not with your mother during this lockdown, then you can celebrate the day by connecting over a call. At times, you may not be able to connect with her due to your busy schedule and workload. Therefore, on this Mother's Day, you can think of staying in touch with your mother over a voice or video call. This way you may be able to compensate for not being with her during this lockdown.


6. Dedicate A Song To Your Mother

We have no ounce doubt that your mother is definitely one of the most important people in your life. So how about dedicating a beautiful song to her? You can think of a song that would please your mom and make her feel loved. If you wish, you can sing as well. For this, choose a song that is either close to her heart or describes your emotions. If you can, then it would be best to compose a new song for your mother. This will definitely make your mother's day.


7. Spend Your Entire Day With Your Mother

This could be one of the best ways to make the best of Mother's Day. Since it's Sunday a well, you can take a day break from your work and dedicate the entire day to your mother. You can play board games with her, bake a cake or just go through some old photographs. You can also take part in her hobbies such as gardening, painting, sewing, etc. This way you will be able to utilise your time in making your mother happy.


8. Plan A Stay-At-Home Dinner Date

Who said you can go on a date only with your girlfriend/boyfriend? You can definitely plan a dinner date with your mother. No no, we are not saying that you have to step out of your house during this nation-wide lockdown. Instead, you can do the arrangements for a stay-at-home dinner date. For this, you will need to prepare some special dishes. Just two or three dishes would be enough to make your mother feel special. But if you wish, you can make some more dishes. You can get the recipes from various online sources.


9. Have An Effective Conversation With Her

When was the last time you had an effective conversation with your mother? We understand that due to busy schedules and workload it may get difficult to spare some time for your mother. But on this Mother's Day, you can spare your time to have an effective conversation with your mother. You can talk about your challenges and problems and your future plans. You can also seek some advice from your mother to face your challenges. Your mother will always give you the best advice.


10. Apologise For Your Mistakes

There were times when you may have talked rudely to your mother or may have ignored her suggestions and advice. You may not realise but there could be times when you may have hurt your mother's sentiments. This is the day when you can apologise for your mistakes and bad behaviour.

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We hope you will find these above-mentioned tips extremely useful. We hope you have a great time with your mother.

Story first published: Saturday, May 9, 2020, 12:15 [IST]
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