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Born In August: Here Is What Your Birth Month Says About You

The month of August is known for sunny skies, pleasant weather. Babies born in August are either Leos or Virgos and there are infinite traits that make them special. August-born babies are the ones with unrestrained spirits you get to see and experience occasionally in your everyday life.

These products of August detest being controlled. Also, they have to constantly check their uncontrolled bursts of creativity, which if unleashed, may invariably lead to burnout. Strength is their inborn characteristic, and their motivational force sometimes overtakes people by surprise. Let us go through the article to know more about the personality traits of people born in August.

Born In August: Personality Traits

On one hand, the Leos represent the mighty lion and people under this zodiac has an oozing spring of creativity, interestingly dramatic and ferociously passionate about their interests. With their combined vanity and leading instincts, they can make leaders with a touch of supreme self-confidence that borders on arrogance. On the other hand, Virgos are the willowy maiden of the zodiac. These children have their feet firmly planted on the ground and are logical to the core.

Known for their contradicting traits, especially their unusual ability to care and the iron will to dominate, the Leos are capable of teaching a lesson or two in humility in their sublime arrogant style. Virgos are your systematic perfectionists, who go about tasks at a steady but slow pace to bring about the consequences they desire. Finicky about details in everything, these Virgos process any information with the finesse of a computer.

Leos are shy and reserved people who give a special pride of place to only a few handfuls in their restricted world. Trusting others does not come easy to them. Although gifted with an ability for leadership, their immense pride makes it hard for them to mingle easily with people and hence they are often dubbed as unpredictable surprise packets. Do not mistake their soft behaviour as a lack of will and resilience. When faced with challenges, they prefer to face them head-on and surprise all around them, with this grit. Their personality has a curious magnetic appeal to it, they are driven by intellect and are born moms/dads, a demanding ones at that. Virgos are your typical good Samaritans that do not wait for an SOS signal to arrive. They are already there on the scene. Forever kind, gentle and supportive as lovers and friends, they use their resourceful nature to arrive at solutions to any problems that they confront.

They are picky and choosy about the people in their life. Those who bear with their acidic but honest tongue can manage to get inside their circle of close friends. Conceit shows through their every word and deed and that is an undesirable quality of course.

Born In August: Zodiac Sign Compatibility

People who are born in August have an innate affinity with Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra. They have zero level tolerance towards Taurus and Scorpio. On the other hand, Virgos are flexible and driven to succeed. They are more on the modest side but independent to the core. Virgos find compatibility in Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo while they find themselves miserable in the company of the airy signs.

Known to be lively, overtly romantic, and dynamic achievers, be it in any category or discipline, an August-born baby is also the most faithful friend that you will ever meet. Showmanship is their second nature although they can at the same time be brave and fearless. Confidence and organizing ability are their hallmarks. They are spilling over with social energy and come across as great conversationalists you could have sorely missed if you had not met. Also, if any one of your friends seems to be insufferably stubborn you can be sure that he or she is from the world of August.

Born In August: Career Choices

August borns are known to be heavily built. Hardworking and creative, Leos always choose top-notch jobs like CEO and Manager. Their expressive nature makes them the best choice for a musician, theatre artist, actor and writer. Virgos are huge bundles of talent that accomplish anything they set their sights on. Do not ever mistake an August person to be an extravagant spender. They are careful with their finances.

They get annoyed easily but are equally at ease, controlling it. Born empathetic with a penchant for fair play, they are too humane and fight for causes that truly relate to their sense of fair play. They is nothing on earth that keeps them gloomy and ruminating beyond some minutes. Their buoyant spirit sees them through everything. You don't find many born in the August month having mental problems.

Virgos are excellent as teachers, healers, editors and musicians. Creativity is laced with a generally methodical approach, die-hard commitment to things and their exceptional efforts make an alluring combination that gears them for success in literary, musical and teaching fields.

Born In August: Celebrities And Famous People

August is a very special month with respect to luck and bounty in life. Wondering who fits the bill amongst the celebrities and famous people? Former US Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, our own prime minister Sri Narendra Modi, and former president Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, sportsmen like Tyson Fury, Tom Brady, Hulk Hogan, our own Dhyan Chand, Javagal Srinath, Ishant Sharma, Lala Amarnath, Duleep Mendes and the Olympic athlete like Roger Federer are born in f August.

Actors like Robert De Niro, Kishore Kumar, Sridevi, Kajol, Randeep Hooda, Jacqueline Fernandez, Akshay Kumar. Cameron Diaz, and Sean Penn have added their own touch of marvel and stamp of popularity on the tinsel world.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

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