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Daily Horoscope: 5th December 2017

By Shabana

Astrology is a science which deals with the study of the movement of celestial bodies like the Sun, moon and planets and their influence they have in our lives.

Each celestial body has a certain energy which is reflected into or lives as they move in each zodiac. This gives a fore sight of the events in our future so that we can control and change them through will power.

Daily Horoscope: 5th December 2017

Here is your Daily Horoscope for December 5th 2017- Read on to know what the starts have in store for you.


You will feel ill both mentally and physically. The effects of the weather will catch on with you as you will be down with fever, cough and cold. You are likely to spend money for religious tasks.


Expansion of business is foreseen for you today. You are also expected to earn profits in it. Your mind will be weak today so doing certain tasks will prove to be difficult.


You will reach out to people in the higher management with regards to your job or business. Closeness to parents and family will prevail. Rise in salary and promotion is also in cards for you.


You will be worried over breaking of certain rules and regulations. Your close friend will become your enemy and will work towards creating hurdles in your work.


You are predicted to go into a rage today, which will be the cause of your downfall. All your efforts will be wasted due to your anger issues. So it is advised to be careful. Buying of new clothes is also on the cards for you.


You are predicted to receive success in your work life. Your mind will also be alert and active. Chances of promotion are on the cards. However, your son and wife might be the reason of your worry today.


You will have to work very cautiously and make the best of the opportunity coming your way, as you might not get it again. Keeping your ego aside while working, will prove to be beneficial for you.


You are advised to work by keeping your body, mind and soul in sync. Truthfulness of words and clarity of thought will take you places. However, beware of Zeal and intensity in your actions. You will have to leave behind your bad habits and move forwards with the help of your good habits.


You will be involved in social causes for which you will receive benefits too. Your connections with friends and family will grow stronger. Any marriage related talks will finally see the light of the day.


You will be concerned over certain issues. You are also predicted to receive the benefit of some work you did a long time back.

It is be very easy to get into arguments with an old friend today so it is important to keep control of the words that you speak. Wealth is expected to come your way even without working hard for it. Take the blessings of your parents and treat them with respect.


Your mind will be at peace today. Travel is predicted, which will be lucky and successful for you. Purchase of a new vehicle is also foreseen.


You will have peace of mind. Relations with brother and sister is said to improve. It is a good time to invest in business as you will receive good returns.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 10:14 [IST]
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