Daily Horoscope: 4th December 2017

By Shabana kachhi
4 December Horoscope |4 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

There are 12 zodiac signs divided in a year. But have you even wondered why the first zodiac house doesn't start from the 1st of January? That is because in the 17th century, the beginning of the year was considered to be the spring equinox. All the signs were subsequently placed after that.

The start and end dates of each zodiac depends upon the time the sun stays in their respective houses. There are different variations of the start and end dates of each zodiac calculated by different astrologers, usually up to a day. That is because of the change in GMT and dates in different countries. Also, did you know that people who are born in between two zodiac signs are called Cusps? In such cases their zodiac sign depends on studying the exact position of the sun during the time of their birth.

Your daily horoscope will determine the events happening in your future. However, we alone have the power in our hands to change it. Though astrology is very accurate, free-will will always prevail with us.

Here is your Daily astrology Horoscope for December 4th 2017.



You will be blessed by Goddess Lakshmi and will gain wealth. You will be bombarded with Success, fame, Respect and recognition. Your Business will earn you profits.



It will be a lucky day for you today. Matters will be good economy-wise. Your good work will be the subject of discussion in your social circle. You will achieve recognition in your social and work life.



You will come across opportunities to get involved in tasks relating to Religion and meditation. Make sure to make a donation if visiting a religious place. Your economy will be good.



You are advised to take precautions and not get involved in unnecessary arguments. Take the advice of seniors in the field before taking any decision as today is not a good day for you.



You will spend your day partaking in religious activities and are predicted to undertake a journey to a religious place with friends and family. You may work towards serving justice and may be successful in this endeavor.



You may show empathy in your work today. Your state of mind will be happy. Gaining recognition, fame and fortune are predicted for you today.



Peace in your domestic life is predicted. Your income in business will also increase. However, you may be worried over an issue.



It is a good day for students today. Any travel you undertake for educational purpose will be successful. You are also predicted to gain through the help of old contacts.



You will be troubled, both physically and mentally. Special attention should be given to health. Controlling your anger will help you stay away from troubles. You may be inclined towards artistic pursuits.



You are advised to stay away from arguments as they may put you in a tight spot. Involve yourself in religious events to keep your mind occupied and your thoughts constructive.



It is an auspicious day for you today. People will be drawn to you due to your excellent way with words, even those who are complete strangers to you. Peace is predicted to prevail in your domestic life.



You will be a bit worried over issues regarding money barter. It is a good day to invest in shares, but with precaution. You might go on a trip to an important place with friends. Gain of wealth through Wife and Son is foreseen.

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