Daily Horoscope: 3rd December 2017

By Shabana Kachhi
3 December Horoscope |3 दिसम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

Have you ever wondered what the symbols of your zodiac sign represent? For example, the symbol of Aries is the Ram, Taurus is the Bull, Gemini is the Twins and so on. These symbols actually represent the main characteristics of their respective zodiac symbols.

The Ram represents a head strong person, much like all Arieans. The bull symbol of Taurus represents the Possessiveness and Laziness. The twins of Gemini show the dual nature of all things. The crab of Cancer is associated with vulnerability on the inside with a tough exterior.

Leos are proud and graceful, just like their sign the Lion. The Virgo lady represents a woman, health and healing. The measuring scales of Libra represent equality and justice as these are the qualities they stand for. The dangerous Scorpion in the Scorpio sign gives us in insight into the minds of Scorpions as they are often jealous, poisonous and destructive.

The half man half horse in the Sagittarius Zodiac stands for philosophy and duality of things. The Sea goat of Capricorn, represent Spiritual wisdom, thing which Capricorns are widely known for. The Water-bearer in Aquarius has strong feelings for justice and human rights. Two fish of Pisces Stands for spiritual and political belief as well as self-fulfilment.

The Science of Astrology is very mystical. Everything related to astrology gives us an insight about our lives and future. Astrologers constantly study the movement of the planets and predict our future.

So, we present to you your daily horoscope for December 3rd 2017, which will give you an insight about the event happening in your life.



You are predicted to feel dull both physically and mentally. The weather may catch up with you and you may be down with Fever, cough and cold. Therefore, it is advised to take care of your health. Do not hesitate to spend money for any religious matter.



Your Business and Income is predicted to increase today. Not being steadfast in your decisions may cause you to incur losses.



You are likely to meet people of High level management of the company in which you seek employment and you will gain positivity and lot of enthusiasm from it. Increase in salary is also predicted for you today.



You will be required to make rules and maintain harmony in your life. Control over mind will help you take right decision as a wrong decision will prove to be negative for you. Take care of the words that come out of your mouth.



You are advised to take special care of your health today as there are chances of you being hospitalised.



There will be a delicate balance between success in your plans and enemies trying to sabotage them. You will move forward in your plans, but beware of your oppressors. You will go on a trip with your friends or close ones.



You are required to be very careful while doing a task as the opportunity that you receive today will never come back, so make it count.



You are predicted to feel energetic physically and mentally today. Chances of arguments with family and relatives are high. Try to be as humble as possible during a crisis.



You are predicted to gain through social work today. Your behaviour might upset your friends and relatives. Hard work will definitely pay off. Marriage proposals if any, will move further.



Your mind will be full of doubt today. Health will also be a matter of concern. Your closed ones may be bitter towards you.



You are advised to move forward with confidence regarding any tasks. You may also have to work towards maintaining peace and happiness in your domestic life. Any event occurring in your life will prove to be positive for you. Health wise, it will be a good day.



Your mind will be full of chaos today, which might be a cause of your concern. Your relatives or close friends may move away from you causing you to worry.

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