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    Daily Horoscope: 21st November 2017

    By Shabana
    21th November Horoscope | 21 नवम्बर दैनिक राशिफल | Daily Horoscope Astrology | Boldsky

    Have you ever wondered why there are only twelve zodiac signs and not any other number like 13 or 14?

    The number of zodiac signs corresponds to the number of months in our calendar. The zodiac signs also from a circle, which charts the movement of the Sun. Our great ancestors divided the sky into equal portions to make the study of celestial bodies easier.

    horoscope for 21st November 2017

    The planets in our solar system revolve around the sun and they enter a different zodiac house at each point in a year. The study of the planets in our constellation tells us about the events in our life and this is called astrology.

    Your zodiac sign is decided by the time of your birth.

    Here are the astrological predictions for November 21st, 2017, according to your zodiac sign.



    You will be in a state of happiness today. Your spouse will also treat you with respect. You will be appreciated for the way you work. Take the blessings of Lord Shiva and offer water to him before heading out to work.



    A long journey might affect your health today. Be very careful while deciding on monetary matters. Getting some important task done will make you happy.



    Chances of meeting an old friend are high today. You might start your day by meeting good people. It is advised to be careful regarding health issues. Recite the Gayatri mantra thrice for good luck.



    You will resolve matters which are troubling you from the past few days. Matters relating to health may need attention. You will be contented with your personal life.



    You are advised to be careful regarding stock market and banking. You will be active in your social life. You will spend some good quality time with your friends.



    You will be in need of courage today. Health issues may need your attention. Arguments in your love life will be resolved.



    Concerns relating to your education will trouble you. An important task may require you to travel. Meeting with new people is on the cards and this meeting will prove to be positive for you.



    It is a good day for your love life. Be careful while lending money, as you may not be able to recover it. Donating rice will prove to be lucky for you.



    There will be improvement in your finances today. You might be worried over an argument. The sources of your income are predicted to increase.



    You will have a good day, though matters relating to employment will be the cause of your concern. Your travels will be fruitful. It is a good time to start anything new. Donating camphor in a temple will result in a positive day.



    You may be able to recover from bad debts today. However, losses are predicted through a stranger. You are advised to take precautions while driving. Offer a bel patra leaf to Goddess Bhagvati.



    You will receive support from friends and brothers. You will be very happy today, despite some issues at your work front.

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