OPPO F3 Rose Gold: The Ultimate Style Statement

Mobile phones may have started off as simple tools to stay connected with friends and family when we are out and about, but that is not the case any longer.

With the advent of the smartphone and its phenomenal functionality, the mobile you carry today is as much a part of your style statement as the shoes and sunglasses you choose to wear.

And in this new world of glamorous phones that reveal your personality, the all new OPPO F3 Rose Gold can give you a slight edge over all others.

OPPO F3 Rose Gold

An Experience In Lifestyle Design

Beautiful things draw us closer. But only the ones that bring comfort along with them make a lasting impression on our minds.

And that's exactly what you can expect from the new OPPO F3 Rose Gold.

With its matt finish metal body and soothing, yet majestic, rose gold color, the phone draws you to pick it up and feel its luxury.

And once you do, you are ensnared hook, line and sinker, as you feel its light-as-air body snuggle into your palm.

But the surprises don't stop there.

Once you turn on the phone, its 5.5 inch HD display (set at an easy-on-the-eyes level of brightness) will immediately impress you. As will its clean and minimalist design.

But the real treat begins once you press the little camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

OPPO F3 Rose Gold: Selfie Expert Not Just In Name

We all know that the way we use social media these days has changed drastically since Facebook first captured the attention of the world.

Now, it's all about sharing pictures of our amazing trip to Goa, the beautiful plate of chicken stroganoff we had during lunch and the selfies we took in our little black dress before a cozy dinner date.

And the all new OPPO F3 Rose Gold is the perfect companion for documenting these beautiful moments.

With a 16 MP primary front camera and an 8 MP secondary to help make it easier to fit all your friends in a group selfie, the OPPO F3 delivers on its promise of being a selfie expert.

In fact, the dual front camera is so good that even normal selfies (clicked without any filters) look amazing. Even those taken in low-light environments!

And if you want to unleash your creativity, the phone has got you covered there as well.

With its Beautify 4.0 and blemish-reduction modes, you can easily make your selfies wow-worthy on your favourite social media channel.

In fact, with the Bokeh effect, you don't even have to bother with filters as the camera will automatically detect your face in the picture and blur out all the background to make you the queen of your selfie.

The Luxurious Feel Of Real Sound Technology

Music makes life worth living.

That's why the smartphones we choose to carry must double as a music player as well. And the OPPO F3 Rose Gold hits this one out of the park too.

With its trademark Real Sound technology (developed with Dirac) that promises a full-bodied experience once you plug in your earbuds, the OPPO F3's sound quality is at par the experience you would expect from Dolby Atmos.

Just what you would expect from a phone that is priced at the higher end of the smartphone spectrum at Rs. 20,990.

The Perfect Combo Of Beauty And Comfort

Offer me a phone that is full of awesome features, but tell me it is difficult to use, and I will never choose it.

But give me one that makes my life easier even as it offers me numerous features, and I will snatch it up in an instance.

That's what the OPPO F3 Rose Gold experience is all about.

The phone isn't just a selfie expert or music specialist. It also comes with prebuilt gestures that allow you to operate the phone without the need to unlock it.

Want to take a selfie?

Draw an "O" on the screen, and your phone will immediately open up the camera.

Want to open the phone?

Tap on the dark screen twice, and it will brighten up immediately.

Want some light but have too many things in your hands?

Draw a "V" on the screen, and the flashlight will switch on automatically.

From its fingerprint sensor to its shatter-resistant Gorilla Glass 5, the OPPO F3 Rose Gold promises to keep your phone safe always.

And if all that wasn't enough, the OPPO team has come up with something extra to sweeten the deal for you.

The Deepika Padukone Limited Edition Phone

If you are a crazy fan of Deepika Padukone, you are in for a treat as OPPO has come up with a limited edition of its Rose Gold F3 phone in collaboration with the leggy lass from Bollywood.

This one-of-a-kind phone is a beautiful piece of art that represents Deepika through-and-through.

From its rose gold colour (Deepika's favourite) to the design of the DP logo (consciously created by her alongside the OPPO team), this limited edition phone is a gift of love for Deepika's most loyal fans.

So what are you waiting for?

Get to your nearest OPPO store (or online retailer) and grab your very own Limited Edition Deepika Padukone OPPO F3 Rose Gold before it is all gone!

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