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Daily Horoscope: 8th November 2017

By Ajanta Sen
दैनिक राशिफल (8th November) Daily Horoscope as per Astrology | Boldsky

Everyday when we wake up, a majority of people are curious to know about how they will spend their day. Will it be fun-filled or will it be full of disappointment? Today, will it be a day of opportunities or bad luck? So, in order to solve all your apprehensions, here is the daily horoscope for each and every sun sign.

Here, you will know about how you will spend your day today. Which work you should take up or not, and in which work you will get success. There are also days when you should not do some particular things on a particular time. So, let us get onto the horoscope of today, i.e., 8th November, 2017:



You will have a wonderful day today. You may get some old wealth. You will meet old friends and you will also be able to resolve the old conflicts between your friends. You will feel overjoyed after the reunion with your long lost friends. Always remember to keep a positive attitude today. Don't try to show off or boast in front of others. Keep an amiable behaviour with everyone and you will surely get success wherever you go. Today, before leaving for work, make sure to offer a pomegranate to someone, you will have a wonderful day ahead.



Today, there will be a bit of tension and stress in the atmosphere. However, don't be afraid, and do not pay heed to these things and try to remain stress-free. Always keep a positive thinking and you will be successful in whatever work you take up. Plant a Gular Tree (also called Indian Fig or Cluster Fig) today to get success in your endeavours.



Today is a very lucky day for Gemini people. You will get new opportunities. You will also get some new job opportunity and you must make good use of this golden opportunity. Don't miss this golden chance if it comes to you today. You will also have to take special care of your friends today. Do some religious work today. Durva grass (or Bermuda Grass), which is considered to be very sacred should be offered to Lord Ganesha today in the early morning. You will have a prosperous day.



You will get success in your work place today. People belonging to this sun sign will get success in their business ventures. Put your mind to your business and you will definitely get profit in your business today. Help others and that too without any malice in your heart. Be friendly with everyone and you will get success in your ventures.



Today the Leo sun sign needs to be very careful about their health. Be cautious, you may fall ill today. However, you need not worry much because your family will be there to support you. You will get a lot of support from your family and friends today. But, avoid any conflicts today. Do not quarrel with others. Wake up in the early morning to seek blessings from Sun and be sure you will have a promising day today.



Your financial condition will be a bit down today. However, in the political field you may get success. Be very careful if you are embarking on a journey. In the early morning before heading off to work just make sure to offer Tulsi leaves to Shaligram. Shaligram is a black stone which is revered as Lord Vishnu. By offering Tulsi leaves to Lord Vishnu, all your hurdles will vanish and you will definitely attain success in your work.



People born under this sun sign will have some difficulty in decision making today. However, your family will give you full support. Chances are there that someone might oppose you; however, if you keep a friendly behaviour with everyone, you will be able to overcome all the hurdles in your way. Today, you must offer a Hibiscus flower to Goddess Bhagwati before you step out for your workplace.



Scorpios will have to toil today. It will be a hard day for you today. You have to work very hard to get success in anything. However, do not get frustrated or afraid because your hard work will finally pay off, you will get success and you will also have a new experience. Today, you will also get a new opportunity because of your hard work. Today, you will get back all your pending money or funds.



If you want to start any new work today, be sure you are definitely going to get success in it. So, you must take up any new work with full confidence today. You will also get fame today. Only remember one thing that is to avoid wearing violet colour today. Today is the day to adorn yourself with light yellow colour attire.



You will wish to bring some changes in your lifestyle today; however, always remember to do only what you can do with your best possible effort. Do not overdo something in order to make a change, it may have negative effects. Take only those responsibilities which you can do confidently. It can be a very beneficial day for a Capricorn. Avoid any conflict with your close friend. Before leaving for work you must go a nearby Shiva temple and offer Shami leaves to the Lord. You will surely achieve success.



Today is going to be a fun-filled day for you. You will gain a lot of respect. Today you need to spend according to your budget. Stretch your legs according to your coverlet and don't splurge on something just to boast yourself. Today, you should take care of your tongue and do not speak ill of others, do not hurt anyone with bad words, otherwise your friends might keep a distance from you. Get up in the early morning and offer Bilva leaves (or Belpatra) to Lord Shiva. You will surely get success in your efforts.



It will be a cheerful day for Pieces people. They will have the best of their health today. You may also get an opportunity to meet a Saint and give him a warm hospitality. It will be a beautiful day for you today. Donate some red-coloured grain today to the needy people. You will surely succeed in your endeavours.

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