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Hollywood Actors Who Were Replaced

Did you ever get replaced in your position at your company? If so, then it feels like a kick in the face! You are left feeling hopeless and in a state of shock. Likewise, acting is a profession which requires the actors to take up the script if they like it. However, there are some actors who sign up for the movie and some where in between when something goes wrong, they are replaced. No one likes getting replaced, but then again, if you are at fault and deserve to be replaced, there is no other option.
It is human tendency; sometimes you see it coming, at times it seems unfair and on another hand it is a mutual agreement. The film world is not different from any other profession, it can be harsher too. News spreads like forest fire in the film world, whether good or bad.

In our world, if someone gets replaced its a sad state of affairs, but if a celebrity gets replaced with a better actor who suits the role, it seems funny. However, there is no reason to feel bad for them as they make a lot of money anyhow!
Below is a list of Hollywood actors who were replaced on sets. These Hollywood actors were replaced for shocking and surprising reasons, lets find out.


Ryan Gosling – The Lovely Bones

The handsome Hollywood actor, Ryan Gosling, was selected to play the role of a father in the movie, The Lovely Bones. Being too young for the part, the actor was set to play the role and began his goal to achieve the right look. However, he gained 60 pounds due to the consumption of melted Haagen Dazs ice cream instead of water. This Hollywood actor was replaced for being fat, beat that. His replacement was Mark Wahlberg.


James Purefoy – V for Vendetta

This Hollywood actor was replaced on the sets of V for Vendetta. James Purefoy claims that due to creative differences he was asked to leave. James Purefoy played a few scenes in the movie for the first 6 weeks. V for Vendetta had few scenes with him, but was dubbed with his replacement's voice, Hugo Weaving.


Stuart Townsend – Lord Of The Rings

Stuart was originally casted as Aragorn and he spent two months training in sword fighting which was required for the movie. When filming began the Hollywood actor was replaced because he seemed too young to play the role. His replacement was Viggo Mortensen.


Eric Stoltz – Back To The Future

This is one of the best movies of 1985. Eric Stoltz was replaced with Michael J ( Marty McFly) five weeks after filming. The reason for this Hollywood actor to be replaced was that he was too serious for the role. Therefore, director Steven Spielberg changed the cast.


Christian Bale – American Psycho

Christian Bale was replaced and hired back for the role he had played in the movie, American Psycho. The Hollywood actor was replaced due to reasons unknown. However, the story goes like this - Christian Bale was offered the role, but was later asked to leave. Leonardo DiCaprio was hired for the role but declined it due to the movie Titanic. Ewan McGregor was offered the role but declined it too. Later, Christian Bale was rehired, since the director ran out of options.


Megan Fox – Transformers

Beautiful Hollywood actress Megan Fox was not included in the movie, Transformers 3. The actress who played the role of Mikaela Banes in Part 1 and 2 was not offered the role in the third sequel. The reason why Megan Fox was replaced was because she compared director Michael Bay to the famous German dictator Hitler. The director was furious, when he heard of Fox's comments.


Neal McDonough – Scoundrels

Sex sells in movies. But Hollywood actor, Neal McDonough a respectable married man, feels uncomfortable doing scenes that will hurt his conscious. The actor was replaced from the series Scoundrels as he was not okay doing intimate scenes with his co star Virginia Madsen.


Harvey Keitel – Apocalypse Now

The movie, Apocalypse Now, seemed to have a lot of mishaps when it came to shooting in the jungle. Hollywood actor, Harvey Keitel, was replaced from the sets of the movie as he was not comfortable with the surrounding. He was later hired as there was no option from the director, but was again replaced by Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen – Two and A Half Men

We all know the famous Charlie Sheen from the American series. Tabloids spread the news of Sheen being replaced as he visited rehab on a series of events. It also caused a great hindrance as the show was continuously put on hold. Charlie Sheen was one of the highest paid actors in the US television. His replacement was Ashton Kutcher.


Rob Morrow – Northern Exposure

The actor was replaced half way through the final season of Northern Exposure. The Hollywood actor was artistically tortured during the seasons. It is also said that the actor demanded a raise after season one was complete, but was later denied as he was too young to be asking for a hike in his salary.

Story first published: Friday, June 28, 2013, 23:56 [IST]
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