Most Controversial & Outrageous Ads!

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Most Controversial Ads
Advertising is one of the mediums to market the product or brand and persuade the viewer to buy the product. Ads can be in print video or audio. When it comes to ads, sensuality and humour sells the most. But there are few controversial advertisements which have got negative publicity. Check out the most controversial advertisements which created an outrage!

6 most controversial advertisements:

Tom Ford: The mens brand has provocative ad campaigns which involves more sensuality. Racy and sensual ads by Tom Ford always shock the viewer. Tom Ford was synonymous with Gucci before and Gucci this brand too has made controversial advertisements. After Tom Ford started his own brand, he was named crude for his mens fragrance ad. Tom Ford Mens Fragrance had a nude woman who placed the bottle between her breasts but the second advertisement had a nude woman who tucked the bottle in her pelvic region.

Dolce & Gabbana: Most commonly known for revealing ad campaigns, Dolce & Gabbana ads are controversial and sensually centered. Most of the fashion brands focus on nude female with sensual gestures and actions. In 2007, the Dolce & Gabbana advertisement created controversies saying the poster showed sexual violence and also degraded women. The ad featured a half-naked man holding down a scantily clad woman while four male models looked at them. This controversial advertisement was banned!

Sisley: The fashion brand from Paris is known for making shocking and provocative advertisements. Apart from sensuality, Sisley advertisements are highly provocative. The fashion brand's most controversial advertisement featured two models who pretended to snort a white outfit like drug. The ad read, “Fashion Junkie" and was outraged. Another controversial advertisement of Sisley featured a model l drinking cow milk straight out of the udder sensually.

Axe: This fragrance brand is filled with sensuality. Most of the Axe advertisements have been banned due to excessive sensuality which were unacceptable for public display. Taglines such as "The cleaner you are the dirtier you get," "Put premature perspiration to the test," and "play with Lucy" made the Axe ads highly controversial!

Gucci: It is one of the most famous brand in the world but with controversial advertisements, even Gucci has been criticized. Gucci gained negative publicity when one of the ads featured a model who shaved her pubic hair into the company's "G" logo, along with a man crouched between her legs.

Levis: The recent ad by this Jeans brand has created controversies everywhere. Although the ads are sensual and filled with provocative taglines and slogans, the fashion brand again got involved with controversies. the ad features 4 models in almost same shape and size (except slight differences in the back protrusions). Also the ad didn't feature size 14 shape of women. 

These are few controversial advertisements which are provocative, highly sensual and revealing. There are many fashion and fragrance brands which have also created controversies such as Opium, Calvin Klein, Diesel, American Apparel, UCB and Emanuel Ungaro to name a few.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 11:43 [IST]
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