Haunted Places In Bangalore!

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Life in Bangalore is simply amazing but what happens when you see something cross your way, a non living object giving you goose bumps on your body? What do you do in this case? Do you stand and wait for something to happen or do you scream?

MTV recently carried a spectacular show on their channel where they dealt with paranormal activities and contestants had to spend a night at a particular location. This show was only for female contestants to eradicate their fear for ghosts/spirits! It was on this show of MTV, that most of the contestants feared their life, they would scream their throats out and wait for the sun to rise!

Haunted Places In Bangalore!

At the end of the show, they were rewarded on how they spent their night at the haunted location which was located in India! Apart from these haunted places in India, Bangalore City, too, has two locations which is rumored to be haunted! If you haven't ventured at these two places in Bangalore City, wait for the clock to strike 12 tonight, grab your team and head to these two haunted places in Bangalore City.

1.St Mark's Road – The stranger murder of the old lady, Vera Vaaz kept aloof everyone who dared to enter this strange mansion. Spooky from the outside with an old blue car and dark ruined buildings, this haunted place in Bangalore City gives one the goose bumps.

The aura that surrounds the St Mark's Road haunted house in Bangalore is absurd. There were plenty of people who actually ventured through this freaky house and one incident which cannot be forgotten is when a team of four members visited the place.

They experienced a night they can never forget, they saw an inverted cross, our lady statue with the arms and head blown off, glass items strewn all over the floor and one of the ghost busters even experienced his tshirt burning thus leaving behind a black hole! This is one of the well known haunted places in Bangalore City where many youngsters feel they should visit at least once!

2.The International Bangalore Airport – This is one of the best features Bangalore City has! It was recently inaugurated in the year 2008 and after putting to rest Bangaloreans excitement and pride, there came across a rumor to be true about a ghost strolling through the Cargo section in BIAL.

Many believe to have seen the lady in a white sari with her hair open loose. A pilot who recalls the story of the lady in a white sari says that he thought she to be lost and inquired if anyone could help her. On request, when some of the staff aided to her help she disappeared!

Some airlines have also spotted this woman on the run away with her arms stretched out, others claim to say that she was at times headless! This is rated though as one of the haunted places in Bangalore City as proved by scientists, through the means of infrared!

So all of you out there, dare not take an adventure to these two haunted places in Bangalore City as it could get dangerous!

IMAGE COURTESY: Sanchita Chowdhury

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