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Quotes, Wishes And Images For 10th Wedding Anniversary

For couples, nothing could be as beautiful as completing 10th wedding anniversary. If you are wondering how to congratulate a couple for completing 10 years of their marital bliss then you don't have to worry about it. This is because we are here with some heartfelt quotes, wishes and messages to share. Read on.

1. "This 10th year wedding anniversary attests to the fact that we are meant for each other."

2. "Dear love, I am so lucky to have you as my partner for these 10 long years. I love you and wish you a Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary."

3. "Today is as special in my life as I hope it is in yours. Thank you for taking good care of me, I appreciate all your love, kindness, and support."

4. "I wish you two immense happiness and love for the upcoming years. Hope you celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary with love and new hopes. Wish you a very Happy 10th wedding anniversary."

5. "Today I wish to congratulate this lovely couple with loads of love and happiness. Wish you a happy 10th wedding anniversary and may you stay together like this forever."

6. "Hope you have a blissful and bright future and may you celebrate many more such anniversaries. Congratulations and wishes on your 10th wedding anniversary."

7. "Darling on our 10th wedding anniversary, I want you to thank you for giving me true love, care and support for all these years. I feel as if I am the happiest and luckiest person on this earth. Happy 10th wedding anniversary."

8. "This day is solely yours. This is one of the most unforgettable days of your married life, and I hope the moment is equally rewarding for both of you. Wish you a happy 10th wedding anniversary."

9. "I thank God for all the years we have shared together as a couple. I'll love and honor you for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary!"

10. "It's so great to see you people together for all these years. Hope you stay together till eternity. Wish you a Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary."

11. "The way you love and care for each other, gives us a major couple goal. May God bless you with a married life full of love and happiness. Wish you a Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary."

12. "Happy wedding anniversary to the most handsome, smart, caring, and loving husband ever. Congrats! To many more happy years ahead."

Story first published: Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 17:21 [IST]
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