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Body Language: How To Notice The Nonverbal Cues Of Others?

Body language is a congruous medley of nonverbal gestures, facial expressions, eye gaze, postures, and mannerisms to communicate. Through gestures and postures we say a lot more than what we intend to unravel. If a person shows a straight posture in a conversation, it indicates confidence and interest in the topic. There are 11 types of body language forms that we use in our interactions. Body language is expressed subconsciously and forms an important part of our conversations. For example, a raised eyebrow might also show romantic or social interest. This gesture is used by the monkeys as well.

We can employ the parts of our body to let out through the signals what we want to convey. Besides correcting your own body language, you should also analyse the body language of those around you, for example, your superiors, your subordinates and peers. You can, by this method, come to know what exactly they mean when they say something, and how to deal with this person that gives out negative signals. You can also answer through your body language in the most appropriate way possible. People will give you their single-minded focus only if you are matching or mirroring their body language. Sometimes, people can lie, take your for granted, or may be plain nervous, you can find all this out by observing their body language.

Ways To Read Body Language

1. Speed of their speech

2. Eye contact
3. Signs of nervousness and anxiety
4. How much the speaker smiles
5. Hand gestures
6. Threat and anger signs
7. Person's tone of speech
8. Notice the person's posture

These basic points are to be borne in mind before venturing out into any gathering. These signals help you to judge people and situations. It is also true that every one of us have our own body language and signals which is totally different from that of the other. Minor and major difference in the body language of two different people can be noticed with sufficient practice and training your senses. Body language may also differ from race to race and nation to nation.

In case you are in doubt about a person's responses or reactions, you can easily find out by starting a conversation with them and then noticing their body movements. TO confirm your inferences about this person, you can also talk to them directly about it and know what is going on.

Story first published: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 19:00 [IST]
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