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The Secret For Great Showering Experience Is Now Out!

By Staff

After a tiring day, the one thing that you look forward to is taking a relaxing shower. You know it's hard to explain that feeling of relief as water pours and trickles down your body from the shower. Have you ever realized that there are multiple factors that might ruin this great experience for you?

Skip to GROHE and you'll see the difference. Through precision and technology, GROHE provides innovative shower heads that work to overcome all your shower-related pain points such as accumulated dirt in the shower nozzles, inconsistent distribution of water, less water flow due to low water pressure and many others.

While we understand that your shower preferences might differ, there are few standard quality benchmarks that you should consider for a more refreshing and satisfying shower.

The Shower Engine

Yes, you read it right! An engine inside a shower, GROHE does not want you to 'adjust'. They want you to experience the authentic shower. Their advanced shower engines do not allow any clogging of the nozzles ensuring uniform flow across each time you turn on the shower. Every drop follows the same geometry, leaving you with nothing short of a multi-sensory showering experience!

Additionally, these showerheads also have the one-swipe GROHE SpeedClean technology, so on the occasion of cleaning the showerhead, it is a quick and painless process.

Low Water Pressure A Problem? NO MORE!

Well known for their speedy workings, GROHE showers also provide a great, undisturbed experience even if the water pressure is low. Their shower range, 'Tempesta' does the work of ensuring that you have a satisfying shower without worrying about the changes in the water pressure. Ain't this the perfect choice for your bathrooms?

Always Brand New

What makes GROHE stand out is its ability to look brand new as years pass by. It is 10 times more scratch resistant, has 3 times harder surface and is 100% rust-resistant, making it look spick and span. Their anti-rusting shower will help you save an enormous amount of plumbing expenses, in the long run.

Even Spread Of Water

GROHE sees to it that their showers distribute water equally over all nozzles. Their showers provide consistent robust spray performance, leaving you satisfied. With the application of precision-driven technology, their aesthetically pleasing shower head makes the water spread out evenly and wider than you think, thereby, giving you a rejuvenating experience.

Use More, Save More

GROHE understands your take towards making the environment a better place by not wasting the use of water. That's why they've introduced an innovative technology that draws air into the shower head, saving over 20,000 litres of water every year. In other words, that's 40% less water consumption from your side if you choose GROHE showers.

Safety Always Comes First

A devastating case of shower scalding is a nightmare. GROHE's unique technologies guarantee integrated scalding protection by automatically controlling the temperature of hot water (using GROHE Turbostat Technology) and routing the hot water through an innovative cooling channel so that the outer surface is never too hot to handle (using Grohe CoolTouch technology).

Multiple Shower Options

You name it. The GROHE Bokoma Spray® is always there to your rescue after a tiring day, providing the tension-relieving sensation of a fingertip massage. The various other modes that they offer are air-infused GROHE Rain O2 spray, the generous Rain spray, the gentle Pure spray and the bubbly Champagne spray. You get to decide your shower experience.

GROHE wants you to shower like a boss. The question is, are you ready to indulge in GROHE's high-quality showers. We know it's a YES! To know more about how GROHE shower heads can exactly be your perfect shower-time partner, visit their website right here.

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