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Remedies To Cure Dog's Upset Stomach

Dogs are sensitive towards few food items. There are foods that can cause stomach problems for your dog. Vomiting and diarrhoea are some symptoms of an upset stomach. If your dog is having an upset stomach, you have to take care of your pet as they get really frustrated with the stomach pain. This can create havoc in your household. If your pet is suffering from an upset stomach, here are few simple home remedies that can provide relief to your dog.

Home remedies to cure an upset stomach of your dog:

Water: It is very important to keep your dog hydrated. This is a very important home remedy to try if your dog is also suffering from diarrhoea due to an upset stomach. During diarrhoea, the water content of the body reduces and this can lead to dehydration. Thus, make sure your dog is having water at short intervals.

Light food: Take a break from giving chocolates, coke, chicken and spicy vegetables that you make for yourself. Instead of offering such foods, give rice and curd to your dog. If your pet wants chicken, give boiled, boneless chicken that will be easy to digest. You can also give mashed bananas. Bananas keep them hydrated and also cures an upset stomach.

Avoid meat and sugar: When the dog is suffering from stomach problems, do not give meat. Meat is greasy and that can worsen the stomach problems of your pet. Moreover, raw meat is unhealthy for dogs. Sugar on the other hand can cause inflammation in the chest and stomach, thus creating more problems for your pet. So, avoid giving sugar and meat to cure the upset stomach of your dog.

Find out the reason: Try to recollect what your dog ate that created such stomach problems. If his or her stomach is upset due to a particular food item, make sure you avoid giving such foods to your pet. Many a times, dogs chew the plant leaves and this leads to allergy or stomach infections. Consult a doctor if your pet ate plant leaves. Germs and insects of plants can cause stomach infections. If you have changed the dog food, your pet can suffer from an upset stomach. Imagine if you eat vegetarian foods since 2 years and suddenly skip to non veg foods. You will also suffer from digestion problems. So, try to introduce new pet food slowly. Make it a point to add some current food to let your dog adjust gradually.

These are few home remedies to cure the upset stomach of your pet. If the situation doesn't change, consult a veterinarian. Let the dog take rest when he or she is suffering from stomach problems.

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