Pomeranian Hair Care Tips To Avoid Shedding

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Pomeranian Hair Care
Pomeranian is a most commonly adopted dog breed but the hair loss of Pomeranian makes the house dirty with fur. Pomeranian have two coats of hair which requires regular brushing bathing and trimming to avoid hair shedding of this dog. Following are few hair care tips for Pomeranian dogs.

Pomeranian hair care tips:

1. Mist the Pomeranian's coat with water or conditioner before combing and brushing it. Comb through the coat in the direction of the hair grain. Remove any dead hair and untangle matted fur.

2. Try to untangle the fur instead of cutting the knots. Ears and groin areas are more prone to matting so be careful while combing Pomeranian hair.

3. To get rid of hair shedding, brush your Pomeranian at least three times a week. Increase the frequency of brushing during shedding season to remove any dead hair and prevent matting.

4. After bathing, dry the fur with an absorbent towel.

5. Trim the Pomeranian hair every three months if you want to get rid of Pomeranian hair shedding. Cut the hair from the tips of the ears, head and then around the body.

6. Use scissors or thinning shears with teeth on both sides for trimming Pomeranian. Trim the hair around the anus to keep it clean and remove the hair between the foot pads to avoid infections.

7. Grasp the mat in a hand and use that scissors to cut that dog's fur as near to the mat as possible.

8. Shampoo the Pomeranian's fur once weekly to shed excess body cells and encourage healthy hair regrowth. Use hypo-allergenic dog shampoo and massage on the skin. Wash it with lukewarm water to increase the hair growth of the dog.

9. Use a conditioner after shampoo. Conditioners helps to get rid of tangles and mats in the dog's fur while moisturizing the skin.

Use these hair care tips to keep the Pomeranian healthy and clean while controlling hair shedding.

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Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2011, 18:12 [IST]
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