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How To Keep Your House Clutter-Free? Easy Habits That You Need To Follow

Clutter is defined as a set of individual items which you have stopped using for the past 6 months or things broken beyond repair. This can also lead to collecting things over a period of time that one doesn't actually need, and can result in hoarding disorder which means one cannot get rid of or part with their possessions because they have a perceived need to save or restore them.

However, with a little effort, the right kind of tools and by donating some of your stuff, you can not only help yourself but others as well. All you need to do is change your pattern and way of living.
Here are 10 easy tips that you need to follow in order to de-clutter your house and keep it more functional and organised in the long term.

1. Do Not Stretch Yourself Beyond The Limits

If You can be quickly drawn towards all things fine and can be known to be a connoisseur of things, but here is where the problem begins if it spins out of control. The problem is that you should buy as per your budget and not as per your taste. If your house is small, do not buy things in large measure. If your closet or storage is spilling over with clothes, home decor items, food packets, etc, then why don't you cut the number of items that you try to squeeze inside your house?

2. Clear Certain Items Often

You may be having the right number of items that you want to stuff your house with, as per its size. But keep those things that you use on a regular basis. Go through the inventory of items that have piled up in your house, and see which of them you do not regularly use. If you haven't used an item in the past one year. It is time to dispose it in some way or the other.

3. Have A Place For Everything

Everything belongs somewhere in the house. You may be having piled up things on tables or countertops and the entire placed is cramped due to no space. In that case, you can buy a console with lots of drawers or a filing cabinet, which you use to stuff the extra but useful things that you have in your house.

4. Have A Junk Drawer Around

There are certain small items like stationary items, gadgets, kitchen tools, and so on which do not find a place to live in. Junk drawer is the best answer which can house them all in and are available at hand when needed. However, get rid of the things that you do not need such as multiple sets of same tools, or stationary items. The unwanted clutter gets organized.

5. Do Not Procrastinate

Do not procrastinate or put off tasks to a later time. But the only way to combat this is Keep doing it till it become habit.If you have an idea to remove the unnecessary items or junk, do it now. Your home will be a heaven and not just a home.

6. Store Things Where You Use Them

Keep things in those places just where they are used. Walking all the time to fetch things from the clutter can be like finding a nail in a haystack. It is not a smart idea, especially if elders are living in that home. It can be a safety problem as well. Your home may be littered with a lot of mails or even sharp objects.

7. Stop Clutter At The Entrance Of Your Home

Eenvelopes, freebies and so on that arrive by your front door usually need to have a space o their own. So have a small jute basket hung at the portion of the door that faces the inside. This will ensure that your entrance stays clean and inviting.

8. Become E- Efficient

Get all your hard copies of important documents scanned and save them inside your computer. Everything is being digitised today. Certain software will help you find the document with just a keyword.

9. Life Is About Collecting Experiences And Not Household Items

Happy life is not about having that fancy car or home as shown in advertisements but understanding the benefits of a functional home. We do cherish our experiences and memories with our loved ones more than gaining any materialistic gifts. Well, you have lived your life and not just passed through it, by doing this. So it is important to keep it that way and prioritize people over objects.

10. Keep Trying, Don't Give Up

You may not own a perfect looking house that looks straight out of your dream, but you can keep it clutter-free. You can do this on the weekends, or on your day off. Even if your house is in a mess, just one or two hours of effort can fix this problem.

Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2022, 9:10 [IST]
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