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Do Laundry Wash Bags Work And Can They Protect Your Clothes?

Do you find it unusually bothersome to wash the delicate cloths yourself manually or even by the machine? Of course, seeing your favourite premium lingerie torn, or buttons of your favourite outfits removed can break your day. The haphazard washing inside your washing machine can leave you crazy every time and as a result, your clothes lose their long shelf life. So, do you rely on your hands to wash them and even that is getting frustrating because you have a busy schedule? Your problems may end with a simple use of wash bags. Read on to know what are they and how can they protect your clothes.

What Are Laundry Wash Bags? Benefits And Uses

The answer to all your washing problems lies in a simple laundry wash bag, which is primarily a mesh laundry bag using which your delicate fabrics are washed clean and carefully well. Place your lingerie inside the mesh bag and they will be separately washed without disturbing the other clothes in the washing machine.
Laundry bags or wash bags are differentiated by the kind of closure they come equipped with. They also differ by the material they are made of. They also come as drawstring bags made from mesh or netting (which allows soapy water in and out) inside which you put your clothes and launder them. They are protected from the throws of the spin cycle. By this method, the bras won't come out of the machine, misshapen, lacy pieces won't get torn, and stretchy clothes will not stretch and get tangled inside the machine.
Zipper spells convenience and ease of use. Place the delicate clothes inside this bag and zip it shut. They can wear out easily and get damaged but they are very high on the comfort quotient. They are much more comfortable and safer versions of wash bags compared to the other two types, the rubber closure laundry bags and net clip laundry bags which are difficult to use.
Of course, you cannot put any cloth inside the wash bag to wash as you have to watch out for the labels on the clothes carrying the washing instructions. Some you should handwash and some you must get dry cleaned.
Washbags have one more plus point. You will never worry anymore about your lost pair of socks since you put all your socks inside one wash bag and they don't give you a reason to disappear. You can of course use your wash bag to put other kinds of delicate clothes like lace tops and strappy dresses can be put in a wash bag.

How To Buy The Right Laundry Wash Bag?

Avoid buying wash bags with loosely woven mesh and buy those with smaller holes. The holes should be such that the bra hooks should not get entangled in them. If the net is very fine, the bag will not tear easily or get caught with anything like a hook etc.

Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2022, 11:25 [IST]
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