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Tricks To Get Rid Of Mice And Spider

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Most women are scared of mice and spiders and despise the presence of the same in the house. The origin and reason for their fear is indeed debatable. However, their hatred for the presence of mice and spiders in the house cannot be questioned.

Not only do these creatures make the house dirtier, they are also the cause of the spreading of a number of disease-causing germs in and around the house. As a result, houses where there is the presence of mice and spiders find people falling sick very often.

Having established that we do not want mice and spiders in the house, the next major thing is to try to get rid of them. Now, these rodents are very difficult to get rid of. This is because it is their natural tendency to be attracted to the comfort and warmth of a home and prefer that over the harsh weather conditions in the world outside.

This makes them find their way to your homes and take shelter in cabinets and other nooks and corners of the home. This article tells you all that you need to know about getting rid of mice and spiders and gives you tips and tricks to accomplish the same.

Understanding How To Get Rid Of Mice And Spiders

The first and foremost thing that you must bear in mind here is that both these creatures have a very poor eyesight and they rely heavily on their sense of smell. Thus, if you want to get rid of mice and spiders on a long-term basis, you will have to make the most of this particular property.

By bringing in something that has a pungent or strong smell, you will be taking care to ensure that they do not come back into your house.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Mice And Spiders

 Tea Bags

Here, all you have to do is take three to four teabags and boil them in a pot of hot water. As it is the smell that will be responsible for pushing away the spiders and the mice, it is advisable that you go for strong-flavoured tea bags. Assam tea, Nilgiri tea or peppermint tea are most suited for this.

Once the tea is properly boiled, you can strain off the water. Take the tea bags and spread them all over the house. Make sure that they remain undisturbed for 6 to 7 hours at the very least. As a special initiative, make sure that you put extra tea bags in the areas that you think are prone to the presence of rats.

Repeat this act for 2 to 3 consecutive days to ensure that your house is completely free from the presence of mice and spiders.

 Bay Leaves

An essential part of the Indian cuisine, very few people can claim to have not smelled the mouth-watering aroma of bay leaves. However, not many people are aware of the fact that it is an excellent agent in dealing with mice and spiders.

You do not really have to do much here. Just chop a bay leaf into small pieces and place it all over the areas wherein you would expect the presence of these unwanted creatures. The strong and pungent aroma of bay leaves will take care of the rest.

 Peanut Butter

As much as you like your peanut butter, the mice and spiders in your house like it too. Thus, it will be a good idea to share the same with them. This will prove to be a very good bait. Mice will not be able to resist this and will definitely approach it.

The sticky nature of the butter will ensure that the mouse is not able to escape from it without you catching hold of it. In case of spiders, their limbs will become sticky with all that peanut butter in it and this will make it nearly impossible for them to escape.

 Mint Toothpaste

This is especially effective if you know the source from where mice enter your place. All you have to do is to go ahead and smear a good quantity of the toothpaste in front of that opening or hole. You may also take this a little further and rub it at the bottom of baseboards or cupboards. That will take care of all the mice at your place.

For spiders, if you notice that they are building webs in and around the same place (usually that will be corners of the house or latches of doors and windows) make sure that you apply a small quantity of mint toothpaste around that area.

 Baking Soda

This is one of the safest ways of getting rid of mice and spiders. Once all these unwanted guests leave the house, cleaning off this is also very simple (just dust it off with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner). Here you have to apply a small quantity of baking soda to the spider's webs or in areas that are prone for spiders to set up their webs.

Repeat the same for the mice with you sprinkling a larger quantity of baking soda in their possible hideouts. With a couple of applications, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that there are no more spiders and mice at your place.

 Steel Wool

This is the ultimate thing that you can resort to once you have identified the route of entry of the mice or the hideout of your spiders. Here all you have to do is break the steel wool into shreds and put that all over the areas that spiders seem to inhabit.

For rats and mice, fill the entrance with a ball of steel wool. This would make it a near impossible task for the rats and mice to make their way into the house.

However, take special care to ensure that all the entrances to the house are covered. If that does not happen, you will only find the rats and mice entering your house from alternate pathways.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 19, 2018, 17:15 [IST]
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