8 Natural Homemade Floor Cleaner Recipe

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Keeping your house clean and tidy is very important to be in good health. You have little kids in your house who have the bad habit of putting everything into their mouth they find on the floor.

Therefore, it is vital to keep the floor clean. Besides, many people prefer to walk barefeet at home. Now, you won’t like to walk on floors full of dust, dirt, irritating stains and food spills, right?

To clean your house, you can use homemade floor-cleaning recipes for the purpose.There are more than 8 natural remedies one can use to mop the floor. But the question is why you should use homemade cleaners?

There are lots of floor cleaners available in the market. Some of these are very effective too; at least the advertisements say so.

But, the odour and chemicals used in those products may be harmful for the kids and aged people in your house.

Therefore, it is better to use homemade floor-cleaning recipes. After all, lemon for removing stains doesn’t have any side effects.

So, here are 8 natural home remedies one can use to mop the floor. You can try these and see how your floor becomes sparkling clean. Read on to know more about the homemade floor-cleaning recipes.


Baking Soda

Greasy stains and scuff marks look awful on the floor. Removing those is not an easy task to do. Do you have baking soda in your kitchen? Just sprinkle it on the grease and wipe it off with a moistened cloth. Don't forget to wet the cloth in warm water.



This is one of the effective 8 natural remedies one can use to mop the floor. Take half a cup of distilled white vinegar and dilute it with a bucket of water. You can also add lemon juice to make the solution more effective. Mop the dirty floor with this simple remedy.


Olive Oil:

You may think that oil only makes your floor oily. But, you can feel the difference only after mopping. If you have wooden floor, make a solution of olive oil and vinegar and wipe the floor with it. It will keep your floor shiny as new and also keep the material moisturised.


Dish Soap

It's true that this isn't exactly a homemade remedy. But, mild dish soaps are better than strong phenyls. Another benefit is that, it can be used to clean all kinds of floors. Make a solution with liquid dish soap, warm water, lemon juice and vinegar and clean your floor with it.



Surprised? This is a remedy for wooden floors. Make hot brew of tea and let it cool. Now take a soft cloth and dip it into the tea. Wrench excess liquid. Now wipe the dirt and grime from your floor.


Rubbing Alcohol

Are you looking for 8 natural remedies one can use to mop the floor? Wiping floor with water leaves water marks after drying. Take 1 cup of rubbing alcohol and mix it with a bucket of warm water. Mop your floor and there will be no water marks at all.


Rye Bread

If you have kids, you can't stop them from doing great artworks on floor. How to get rid of those marks? Cut a slice of rye bread and rub the scuff marks. You'll see how easily the marks get vanished


Lighter Fluid

To end the list of 8 natural remedies one can use to mop the floor, this is very effective. To get rid of rust marks on your floor, rub the area with lighter fluid and a soft cloth. Those marks will be gone eventually.

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