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How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom


Feng shui, a Chinese philosophical system of harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment, has always been on the list of people while setting up or decorating a house.

Feng shui also helps in bringing peace in your bedroom. If you do not have proper sleep just because it is too cluttered, then you might want to feng shui your bedroom. But do you know how to feng shui your bedroom?

Bedroom Lighting Ideas To Set The Mood!

The process making your bedroom feng shui is fun and you will definitely enjoy the results. You must keep in mind that a bed is a critical feng shui because this is where we rest. Apart from this, it is also vulnerable.

According to feng shui, when we sleep, we are helpless and in case there are any negative energies around us, we are too prone to them. In order to eliminate all this, you can consider feng shui for your bedroom.

Read the following feng shui tips for your bedroom.

Remove Electronic Items

Take out all the electronic devices such as television, computer, laptop and others from your bedroom. They are simply blocking the energy. If you delve further into this, you will realise our time is mostly occupied by these things and they bring other areas of our lives such as work, news, worries into the bedroom. It adds to the pressure and leads to disturbed sleep.

Positioning of Bed

In feng shui, a bed is placed at different positions in conformity with the aspects of your life you want to focus on. However, most often bed should be placed near to the wall. It should have a solid wall behind the head of the bed and make sure that your head is not behind the corner of a wall or a cupboard. Furthermore, it is not advisable to sleep with your feet facing the door. It is called 'coffin position' and obviously, you do not want to lie that way! This is one of the important feng shui bedroom tips.

Feng Shui Colours to Bedroom

Create and maintain a sense of beauty in your bedroom with feng shui colours. Earthly colours such as deep chocolate browns, light sand colours are best for bedroom. If you want to add romantic touch to your bedroom, add red, pink, magenta, lavender or coral orange colours. This is one of the best ways on how to feng shui your bedroom for love.


Mirror is another thing that you must keep in mind for your bedroom. If your head and upper body are reflected in it, you might want to change it. In feng shui, it is advisable to have full-reflecting mirror. If the mirror is placed beside the bed, and you are not reflected in it, it is fine. If your bedroom mirror reflects you when you are in the bed, cover it up when you go to sleep. This is one of the effective ways on how to feng shui your bedroom.

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Story first published: Monday, January 5, 2015, 22:31 [IST]
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