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House Cleaning Tips For Winter

By Asha Das

Keeping your house clean is very important to keep yourself healthy and happy. Cleaning your house during winter needs a little more care and attention. This is due to the impact of the changing climate. As the intensity of the winter changes, the challenges in cleaning your home will also increase. Winter cleaning can be a difficult job because of the snow trapped in your boots, the messy mud, the humidity in your rooms and the foggy films on your furniture, mirror or windows. So, it is important to make the necessary arrangements to fight humidity.

Are you wondering what to do when you get trapped in your home due to the cold weather outside? Then, consider this as the best time to try a total makeover of your interiors. Change the arrangements of your furniture, carpets, and cushions or change your curtains. But, this may not make any effective change if you fail to keep your home neat and clean.

Many things that you overlook need special attention during winter. Keeping your home clean and beautiful during winter will not be a difficult task, if you know some easy tips and tricks. Here are some winter cleaning tips for your home.


Keep the floors clean

If you have trapped moisture in your room, chances are more for getting a messy floor. If you have kids in your home, keeping the floor dry is very important to avoid accidental falls. Wipe the floor with a dry mop.


Clean the windows

Keeping your window glasses clean is one of the most important winter cleaning tips for homes. Since windows are more exposed to the cold air outside, it will get covered with condensed water when you keep a heater in your room.


Polish your furniture

Winter is the time when your wooden furniture is prone to fungal attack. So, it is one of the best winter cleaning tips for homes to polish your wood furniture even before the arrival of winter.


Wash the glass doors

If you have a glass door near the fireplace, chances are more for the doors to get covered by a foggy film. This will prevent sunlight from falling into the room. It is an important winter cleaning tip for homes to wash the inside of the glass doors.


Clean the mirrors

Do you feel that your mirror is not reflecting the real you? Then, the reason will be the moisture on the mirror. Wipe the mirror with a dry newspaper and then rub some talcum powder on it.


Clean your bathroom

Keeping your bathroom dry and clean is one of the most important winter cleaning tips for homes. Using lemon oil to clean the tiles will help prevent the formation of fungus.


Clean the carpets

Carpets will get attacked by fungus and bacteria due to the presence of moisture. This makes cleaning your carpet often one of the most important winter cleaning tips for homes.


Wardrobe cleaning

Keep your dress cabinets clean. You can spread a newspaper on the cabinet drawers before arranging your clothes. This is one of the easiest winter cleaning tips for homes.


Wash winter blankets

Washing your winter blanket should be an important part of cleaning your home during winter. It is a basic need for keeping your bed hygiene. This will help you stay away from allergy and asthma.


Clean drapes and curtains

Curtains and drapes can get a bad smell. Chances are more for the presence of fungus and bacteria as well. So, cleaning drapes and curtains stay as one of the top winter cleaning tips for homes.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 4, 2014, 16:00 [IST]