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Ways To Clean A Clogged Kitchen Pipe


If we wish to have a clean house, we can try our hands on every room, bathroom and balcony. But we all need too much time for cleaning the kitchen. The kitchen tends to get dirty very easily and requires a proper cleaning routine. You cannot leave the kitchen slab, stove or dishes dirty for the next day.

Once you look into the kitchen sink, your pipe tends to get clogged every other week. Although you clean the dishes and sink every day, somehow the sink pipe gets clogged. Small food particles, leaves and threads get stuck and clog the kitchen sink pipes. If you have a hard water connection then the situation worsens. But you need not call a plumber for cleaning the clogged sink pipe every time. So, try these simple remedies to clean a clogged kitchen sink pipe and ease the task.

Ways to clean a clogged sink pipe:

Vinegar: If the water is not going down into the pipe and plunger is also not worth using, then pour few drops of vinegar into the sink pipe. Leave it for around 25 minutes and then flush the drain with piping hot water. Now use a plunger to remove blocked particles from the pipe. Again pour hot water in the drain and repeat the process till the clogged pipe is cleaned completely.

Drain snake: For every day kitchen sink cleaning, you can use a drain snake. This steel flexible rod is attached to a handle and can be used to clean the clogged drain.

Baking soda: This cleaning ingredient can work wonders and make your task much more easier. Pour hot water into the pipe and leave for 20 minutes. Sprinkle baking soda and leave overnight. If required, add vinegar with baking soda and then pour into the drain. Next day, directly flow hot water into the drain to unclog the drain.

Lemon juice: Mix lemon juice with baking soda and pour into the drain. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Do this every day to prevent the clogging of kitchen sink. Make sure you also clean the sink and avoid the food particles from entering inside the pipe.

These are few ways to clean a clogged pipe. Have you used any of these techniques?