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5 Great Garden Path Ideas

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A garden path should always be beautiful and approachable. It is an inviting route to your garden and home. A garden path usually links the front yard to the back yard area. It also sometimes criss-crosses the garden diagonally. So let your guests stroll on the garden path and enjoy the view. There are various affordable ideas to decorate your garden.

Use these garden ideas and make your garden path alluring for visitors.

Garden Path

Floral Garden Path- Adorn either sides of the garden path by planting floral plants like lavender, rose or marigold. When the flowers bloom on these plants it makes the garden walkway look very attractive and colourful. This is one of the most affordable ideas to decorate your garden. You may also mix two or three plant breeds and decorate the pathway. Go for a lavender-jasmine or a white and red rose combination.

Pebbles- Decorate your garden pathway with pebbles. This is very easy for you do. Buy some small oval shaped small pebbles and spread them on the garden pathway. Its better if you make a snake-like pattern with pebbles. And if you do not want it then you have one more option. No matter how your garden walkway is, just line the corners of the pathway with pebbles. Being one of the most affordable ideas to decorate your garden, this gives your garden a vintage look.

Stepping Stones- Once you have made the rough pattern for your garden pathway lay down some flat stones or tiles at one hand distance from each other. Go for a more classic brick lining by the corners. You may go for turtle or floral shaped tiles or stones too. Cover up the pathway in this innovative fashion and see how you get praises for your creative skills and ideas.

Mosaic Tile Paths- Decorating your garden walkway with mosaic tiles is one of the cheapest and convenient means to decorate your garden. There are several patterns available in tiles to choose from. Its better you go for the pebble style mosaic tiles because they are really 'in'.

Rocky Or Brick Garden Pathway- Cover up the garden walkway in your house with rocks or bricks if you want to go all classy. This style of decorating one's garden is both arresting and affordable. It has never been out of fashion and never will be.

Consider all these options before you set out to decorate the garden pathway in your house. Go creative and add beauty to the decor of your house with these ideas.

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