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5 Easy Tips To Style Your Coffee Table

A coffee table makes an essential furniture piece that binds up the seating zone or is predominantly your living room. It is of course a functional piece that makes an ideal surface to place your coffee mug, newspapers, TV remote, and more. But when decorated or styled perfectly, a coffee table can make a great spot to showcase your favorite objects and decor accessories.

Image: Pinterest

Here are 5 easy tips to style your coffee table:

Determine the space and shape of the coffee table

While it sounds exciting to spruce up the coffee table with attractive accents and accessories, it is super essential to understand the available space and shape of your coffee table to avoid a busy and disorganized coffee table look. For instance, add not more than 3 to 4 accents or objects on a small size or round coffee table. Avoid adding too much stuff. Let each object you keep be visible.

Arrange everything in a tray

While styling a coffee table, it is possible that you may want to add everything that sounds and looks attractive. But it is essential that you keep it organized by adding a decorative tray that allows you to place the vase, candles, books, and more over it. This arrangement creates a very neat and sorted look.

Image: Pinterest

Add Candles

Aromatic, scented candles work in dual ways. It helps light up the seating zone plus acts as an interesting accessory piece. Coloured candles are a good choice to add a touch of colour to the plain, simple-looking coffee table.

Add Greenery

A touch of nature never hurt anyone, yes including your coffee table. Arrange fresh flowers in a flower pot and place them on the coffee table. Succulents, small size indoor plants, and faux plants look attractive on the coffee table.

Something Unusual

Place a unique object on the coffee table. It could be a memento, keepsake, souvenir, or just about anything which holds a special place in your heart. For instance, a lovely pebble, stone, or shell found on the beach can beautify the look of your coffee table and make it a great conversation piece!

Story first published: Sunday, November 20, 2022, 11:30 [IST]
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