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Best Of Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

By Sreya Dutta
How to Clean home! & kitchen tools with 2 Ingredients | Boldsky

If you feel that cleaning your stove or your counter-tops, or even removing that stubborn grease off your kitchen when it simply doesn't go away, is more difficult than it might appear, we are here to help.

And if you've invested too much money in the professional-grade cleaning products, always hoping that they would dissolve the dirt and finally make it a little bit easier for you to clean up your kitchen and then failed to do the same, these kitchen hacks that we have listed below will help you much more than you can imagine.

If none of the common or expensive solutions worked for you in the past or you're looking for a cheaper solution, that is also much better, effective and eco-friendly, then you are definitely in the right place.

Check out some of the amazing and easy kitchen cleaning tips that are also really cheap, and that every person battling with kitchen cleaning problems should know about.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda has lots of different and varied uses and not only does it bake cakes or homemade bread, or even whiten up your teeth rapidly, but it also, most importantly, can turn out to be a pretty efficient, reliable, eco-friendly and cheap cleaner for your kitchen appliances as well as your gas stove.

You should definitely replace those expensive conventional cleaners that burst with dangerous chemicals and also have the worst kind of unpleasant odours with the very helpful baking soda and solve all your kitchen problems with ease.

2. Ammonia

There might appear lots of problems with your kitchen but the grates in your stove burner always tend to be one of the worst ones, with a magnet for grease and dirt. But this problem might be perfectly understandable because whenever your frying pan drips oil even a bit, it all gets gathered around those grates of the stove burners, and thus makes them quite difficult to clean easily.

And as much as we would want to rather have those dirty grates replaced than spend our money, time and energy cleaning them, you might want to rethink your decision if you claim to be a responsible homemaker and owner and also reduce your carbon footprint while also saving up some money, all at the same time. You can definitely do this by using some ammonia in cleaning your gas stoves effectively.

3. Lemon, Vinegar And Soda Combination

We understand the fact that cleaning your garbage disposal unit or your stained kitchen sink might be quite more challenging than it appears. The truth behind this might also be that there are lots of products designed to help you do that while they eliminate and dissolve the dirt and food remains along with other debris that might probably have been clogging your sink's drainage pathway.

But, if you want a cheaper as well an eco-friendly alternative, then you need to worry about it no more and look no further, as we might have the perfect thing that effectively works just as fine or probably finer than those expensive sink-cleaning products that you've been investing all your money in.

You will probably be really amazed to see exactly how powerful a simple and cheap piece of lemon can turn out to be, when it is combined with a little vinegar and also some baking soda. The lone combination of vinegar and lemon can absolutely be effectively used in lots of different ways around your kitchen.

And not only can one use these two extremely powerful and seemingly magic ingredients to clean and unclog their garbage disposal or easily remove all the grease from their stainless steel sinks but these can also be used to remove those unpleasant odours that your fridge might often emit.

So, not only is this kitchen hack super effective and cheap, but it will always help you clean up your kitchen as well as your refrigerator at absolute ease.

4. Heated Up Lemon Water

We might probably tend to overlook our microwaves all the time and often when it comes to our kitchen cleaning or even cleaning our kitchen appliances, but the truth is our microwaves are probably the hardest to clean which is why it might deserve more of our attention. Our microwaves can always get really as greasy as our kitchen sinks or stoves, which is why it is absolutely important that they must be cleaned as well as very properly degreased on a regular basis.

And the easiest, quickest and the most effective way you can do that is by filling a container with some water and adding some lemon to it and then putting it in your microwave and heating it up. Then, you can use the hot lemon water to effectively clean up all the dirt, food and debris with absolute ease and the steam emitted while heating up your water will also help in making the grease much easier to remove and hence clean your microwave and transform it into a brand new and fresh one.

5. Water And Cream Of Tartar

Baking soda might turn out to come in handy for easily and effectively degreasing your kitchen and the appliances in it, by removing all bacteria or germs, but if you do have a stainless steel toaster that you value too much, then you might want to keep it in good condition and as clean as possible at most times.

We have a special kitchen cleaning hack, especially great for this scenario, and the one you need to definitely try at home. This cheap and effective hack involves a bit of cream of tartar along with some water that you can try using to clean your toaster and see how efficient this really basic mixture might turn out to be.

6. Dryer Sheet

To top the list of the best basic and amazing tricks and tips to clean your kitchen, last but not at all the least, this one kitchen cleaning hack will totally blow your mind. You can actually effectively and easily remove all the dirt, grease as well as all the baked-on food debris that stick to your pan and always refuse to come off by just simply adding one dryer sheet on the top of it and then by filling your pan with some warm water.

When the water gets hot enough that it touches the sheet, it will automatically start removing the grease by simply absorbing up all the dirt in the fastest, super-efficient and effortless way ever.

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