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Fresh Colour Trends For Your Living Room

By Sneha A

There is a reason why the living room is called the 'living room’. It is the first place from where the outsiders get a glimpse of your lifestyle.

It is your living room that indirectly reflects your quality of life. This makes it the most significant room of the house, and hence, it is important to keep it vibrant and fresh.

Here, colours come into action and you'll need to choose colour trends that will refresh the look of your living room.

The colour scheme that you choose to give a bright and new look to your living room plays an extremely important role in setting up the tone of the place.

If you think your living room has a fine-looking furniture and floors, yet looks like it is in need of a burst of new energy, then changing the colours might just do the needful. New colours can infuse new life to any part of the house and can can psychologically affect your emotions.

So, to help you figure out the best refreshing colours for your living room, we have brought some of the best hues you would love to choose from.

Do have a look at these options to help brighten up your living room.

1. Earthy + Blue

Blue is a colour that impresses people of all ages and when combined with other beautiful earthy colours like wood, sandy taupe and rich brown, it brings a very calm and sophisticated feel to the room. Be it indigo, royal blue, sky blue, baby blue, and so on, all go amazingly well to set a great living room.

2. Cottage White + Misty Grey + Timber Hues

This is a combination that will give your living room an extremely elegant ambiance and bring a magnificent new look to the room. It can make you feel emotionally well by the mere look of it.

3. Grey + Yellow

This combination of 'colourful neutrals’ has been very much in trend. It makes an inviting living room that is easygoing and yet filled with vibrant energy. Kids would surely love the look and feel of this particular colour tone.

4. Forest + Asparagus

The shades of green enhance the freshness of the room. It gives it a formal touch. Combine with other neutral shades and make a graceful and stylish living room.

5. Bridal Pink + Deep Brown

Let the walls be painted in the beautiful neutral shade of bridal pink with deep brown at certain places to balance the decor. If you own a set of deep brown-coloured furniture, it would also greatly enhance the look.

6. Bright Green + White

This is another beautiful combination that will allow your living room to look bright and yet soothing to the eyes. The balance of the shades of green and white makes the room as relaxing as it could get.

7. Lilac And Purple

These colours may not be appealing to many, but when combined with other beautiful neutral shades; they make incredible-looking living rooms. They elevate the style quotient of the living room like no other colour.

8. Bluebird + Metallic Grey + Snowy White

For a contemporary look of your living room, this particular combination will prove to be the best one. The grey and blue give a modern look, while the white balances it off, giving the room a well-lit appearance.

9. Turquoise + Jade Green + Mustard

The great combination when grouped with white furniture will fill your living room with new waves of tranquility and novelty. Try this earthy shade to bring your living room to life!

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