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Apply Vastu On Paint Colours

By Asha Das

Paint colours have the power to set an inspiring and rejuvenating atmosphere in your home. But, selecting the appropriate colour for the wall is the most important and difficult task. Applying Vastu on paint colours is gaining greater attention nowadays. Applying Vastu on paint colours is believed to have a power to give an auspicious and pleasant environment in your home.

Considering Vastu on paint colours can offer you a beautiful and healthy atmosphere in your home. Colours applied according to Vastu has a great influence to have an impact on our mood, health and happiness. Here are some tips which will help you select the best colour for your walls by applying Vastu on paint colours.

Living room

Living room wall paint needs more attention as it directly reflects the personalities of the inmates. Yellow, blue, green, tan and beige are considered to be the best colours for your living room while applying Vastu on paint colours. These colours reflect light and are pleasant to the eyes.


Bedroom is the space where you can be yourself. While applying Vastu on paint colours, warmth, style, mood and comfort comes as the first preference. Pink, light blue and light green are auspicious colours for your bedroom. Green is an excellent choice for children's bedroom.


Kitchen is the area where you have limited choice to embellish and decorate. Here, applying Vastu on paint colours can give you wonderful result in the process of beautification of your kitchen. White, yellow, orange, rose pink, chocolate and red colours are good choices for kitchen.

Dining room

Light colours are the best for your dining room if you apply Vastu on your paint colours. Pink, green and blue colours are good for your dining room which will offer you maximum refreshment. It is better to avoid black, white or any mix of black and white in your dining room where you spend your time light-hearted.


While applying Vastu on paint colours, light colours are the best choice for your bathroom. It will give a fresh look to your bathroom and will make it look more spacious. White, light blue and pale green can make your bathroom more beautiful. Avoid black and dark red as it may give a congested look to your bathroom.

Guest room

Keeping your guest room beautiful and elegant is very important. Since guest room is intended to be used by different people with different mood and tastes, it is better to use light colours there. Yellow, green, blue, orange or lavender in their lighter shades can be used according to Vastu on paint colours to get an energetic and pleasing atmosphere.

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Story first published: Sunday, July 7, 2013, 20:00 [IST]
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