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Expert Article: Dental Tourism, The Way To A Beautiful Smile

Medical tourism is a booming industry in developing nations like India, Thailand, Singapore, and Latin America. They have a combination of skilled doctors and cheaper labour costs.

What is dental tourism?

In the last decade, the healthcare market has reached its pinnacle of success. It's a very competitive and demanding field. To meet this rising demand, entrepreneurs are making a slew of local investments.

Travel agencies collaborate with multispecialty hospitals to organize a vacation that includes a comprehensive dental examination.

Dental tourism in India

India has become a popular travel destination for many Americans and Europeans, particularly non-resident Indians (NRIs), thanks to its exquisite combination of upscale, multispecialty dental clinics and picturesque settings.

The primary hubs of dental tourism in India are:

● Bangalore
● Mumbai
● Goa
● Kerala
● Hyderabad
● Chennai
● Punjab

What makes India so popular for dental tourism?

1. India offers very affordable dental care because labour and overhead costs are much lower than in Western nations. The result is lower procedure costs with the comparable work quality.

2. Indians have a good command of the English language.

3. The vast majority of dentists in India opt to obtain their Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS) degrees and complete their education at foreign institutions. Finding a prosthodontist, implantologist, oral surgeon, endodontist, or periodontist is simple around here.

4. Appointments are available in India at the patient's convenience.

5. Alternative therapies like yoga and Ayurveda, are also available to ensure health and fitness.

6. Excellent connectivity.

What are the most popular dental procedures for tourists?

A smile makeover is a popular cosmetic procedure. Achieving a beautiful smile necessitates a multi-speciality approach to smile design.

Smile makeovers in India consist of the following elements:

1. Crowns and bridges are aesthetic, premium-quality ceramic restorations for filled and discoloured teeth that are affordable in India and come with long warranties. A bridge costs around 500 USD, compared to 5000 USD in the West.

2. Veneers and laminates are a great way to cover gaps and crooked teeth. It's a quick and easy way to get that Hollywood smile.

3. Dental implants are the most popular dental tourism treatment. For the same brands, prices in India are a quarter of those in the US. All the premium German and American implants are available in India. The treatment period lasts about 3 months.

4. Teeth whitening (dental bleaching).

5. Root canal treatment (RCT) is far more cost-effective.


Private dental offices and hospitals collaborate to plan the tour's itinerary, which includes the places to visit, lodging choices, and means of transportation to and from the clinic. India is, without a doubt, the future of dental tourism in Asia.

Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2022, 10:07 [IST]
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