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    Should You Drink Water Immediately After Eating?

    We have always known "drinking ample water" as being synonymous with staying fit and healthy. However, you might have come across people who are of a mixed opinion as to whether drinking water right after a meal is healthy or not.

    This has been a topic of debate since ages. Is it a myth when people believe that one should drink water only after at least half an hour post one's meal?

    Drink Water After Eating

    Drinking enough water helps your body keep distance from several diseases. Drinking a bit of water before a meal helps your body prepare itself for a better digestion, but yes, remember to drink a small amount of water before your meal, because if it is taken in a large quantity, it can make your tummy feel full, eventually making you eat less.

    Also, sipping water, now and then, while you are having your meal is also considered good, as it helps to add moisture to the food you eat, thus enabling you to be free of problems like constipation. However, the question that we are seeking an answer to is, how beneficial, or not, can water be when consumed immediately after a meal.

    Having some water is always beneficial, but having it immediately after your meal can actually dilute the digestive enzymes in your body, making your body struggle to digest the food that you just had.

    Drink Water After Eating

    Drinking Water The Right Way

    With mixed opinions from dietitians and doctors, you are sure to be confused as to when is it right, or wrong, to drink water. Well, firstly, listen to your body.

    Being thirsty is a natural phenomenon. So, do not stop yourself from drinking enough water when you are thirsty. If you go by the theories suggested by Ayurveda, then it is best to drink water in between your meals, which actually helps your body break down the food into smaller and fine particles, thus aiding digestion.

    But, ensure that the water is at room temperature. Drinking cold water in between meals can make the digestive enzymes inactive in functionality. Acid refluxes are common when cold water is consumed in between meals.

    Drink Water After Eating

    One should also avoid aerated drinks alongside a meal. However, according to Ayurveda, drinking water immediately after eating your food will give the food a coolant effect, which can lead to you becoming obese.

    Refrain From Drinking Water Immediately After Meals

    According to nutritionists, the ill effects of drinking water right after a meal are many fold. Drinking water just after you consume your food tampers your digestive system and disrupts the actual time your body should take in order to digest the food.

    Consumption of water immediately after your meal has shown a tendency of overeating in people. This is so because drinking water immediately after your meal makes you feel hungrier sooner than anticipated, leading you to overeat. This also results in feeling bloated.

    Drink Water After Eating

    Gastric juices in diluted form do not aid proper digestion and this is what happens when you drink water just after finishing your food. In spite of our stomach being created in a way that it absorbs ample water, it still does not help when taken right after a meal, as it dilutes enzymes that aid digestion. This eventually shows up as an illness in your body in the form of severe acidity and heartburn.

    A disrupted digestive system is responsible for leaving a lot of food in the system in an undigested form. The glucose content from this undigested food gets converted to fat and gets stored in your system, leading to an upsurge in the insulin level. This eventually raises your blood sugar levels and causes obesity and diabetes.

    Drink Water After Eating

    In short, one should not stop himself from drinking enough water. The best time to drink water in large amounts is early in the morning as soon as you wake up. Talking about drinking water post a meal, drink as much water as you can ten to fifteen minutes after your meal.

    Also, it is ideal to drink water in between while you are consuming your food; however, in minimal amounts, so that the natural absorption of nutrients from your food during the digestion process is not affected.

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    Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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