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Know The Early Signs Of Blood Cancer


Cancer is a dangerous disease which proves to be fatal in many cases. There are many types of cancers depending on what organ the cancer cells start showing up.

One such deadly cancer is the blood cancer. In blood cancer, the cancer cells damage the circulatory system of the body. It affects blood production, blood circulation and blood purification of the body. It also affects the bone marrow in some cases.

There are three main types of blood cancers. The first one is leukemia, where the blood formation reduces. The second is Lymphoma, where the white blood corpuscles are affected. The third is Myeloma, where plasma formation is hampered by cancer cells. Blood cancer has four stages each of which has different symptoms.

Each stage becomes serious and severe than the previous one. In the first stage, the cancer cells start showing in the lymph, in the second stage the cells spread in the liver and spleen, the third stage marks the formation of anaemia and the last stage results in a drastic fall of platelets in the blood. Last stage of cancer often leads to death.

In this article we shall discuss early signs of blood cancer. Early detection of blood cancer symptoms help in better treatment.

Weakness and fatigue – Fatigue or weakness is one of the early symptoms of blood cancer. Weakness or fatigue can be due to other health complications as well. But, if the fatigue is consistent, you must go see a doctor. At least get a blood check up done when you suffer from constant tiredness. This can be a chance for early detection of cancer. Do not take any blood cancer early signs lightly.

Weight loss – Blood cancer's early symptoms include sudden loss in weight and appetite. The sudden weight loss can be also due to thyroid or any other diseases as well. But, when you suffer from loss of appetite or drastic weight loss, make it a point to meet a doctor as soon as possible. The weight loss can be early indications of blood cancer symptoms.

Abnormal blood reports – If any of your blood reports indicate higher white blood corpuscles or red blood corpuscles, than you must immediately go to any oncologist. Abnormal blood reports are early symptoms of blood cancer, which ought to be taken seriously. The variation in blood reports can be harmful for your body. You would be lucky to have cancer detected in the early stage itself.

Swelling of lymph nodes – Blood cancer's early signs include swelling of lymph nodes accompanied with fever, weakness, nausea and food aversion. If you are detected with any of these early symptoms of blood cancer, you should go to an oncologist. Swelling of lymph nodes is not easily detected but the symptoms along with the swelling are detected and should be taken seriously.

Infection attraction – Early symptoms of blood cancer include getting easily susceptible to infections. The immunity decreases because of low white blood corpuscles and thus, the body becomes open to all types of infections. When you show any of these or all of these symptoms, visit a doctor. Blood cancer is curable if detected at an early stage.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 7:02 [IST]
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