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Are There Herbal Cures for Cancer?

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Herbal medicines refer to the use of plants in the treatment of illness and promoting health. In olden times people used to approach the apothecary for cures and remedies. Then came the evolution of western medicine with faster cure and fancy labels. It also came with a lot of side effects.

Today people are reverting to old school techniques by eating healthy and staying healthy. Herbal medicine has also risen in importance as its uses and benefits become widespread. Today, herbal cures are being used to treat all kinds of diseases from common cold to even cancer.


There are many herbs and spices that we use in our daily life that can prevent cancer. Some can also greatly reduce the side effects caused by conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy. So it is no wonder that researchers should come up with herbal cures for cancer.

Conventional medicine frowns upon the cancer treatments herbal, but it is undeniable that nature has cures for anything under the sun. Many of the herbal cures for cancer are not directly used for the treatment. But, they are helpful in relieving the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of conventional treatments, which is a relief to many who fight cancer today.

Are There Herbal Cures for Cancer?

Aloe is a herb that belongs to the lily family. The chemical composition of aloe is useful in boosting the immune system and is clinically proven to be one among the effective herbal cures for cancer.

Ayurvedic medicine: This is an ancient Indian medicine, which is also a way of life rather than just cure of illness. Clinical evidence suggests that Ayurvedic medicine is effective in relieving cancer symptoms and can be used as herbal cures for cancer. BREAST CANCER: A FOUND CURE!

Black cohosh: This is a herb found in North America and belongs to the same family as buttercup and is found to have oestrogen like effects on the body. Breast cancer patients use these herbs as herbal cures for cancer.

Flower remedies: These involve extracting the flower of wild plants into tinctures and consuming them orally. There is no proof of flower remedies as direct herbal cures for cancer, but they boost the immune system and help relieve stress.

Carctol: Carctol is a mixture of eight Indian herbs that is thought to promote cancer treatments herbal. It is not an alternative to conventional treatments, but people are advised to take it along with other cancer treatments for results.

Chaparral: Chaparral is a herb used by the native Americans to relieve pain and inflammation. The main ingredient in chaparral is thought to have anti cancer properties, but its effectiveness varies in different people.

Echinacea: This is found in wild parts of North America and is grown commercially in Europe. This is used less as cancer treatments herbal and more as a way to counter the symptoms of chemotherapy.

Essiac: Essiac is a herbal remedy developed in Canada and is also known as the tea of life. It is useful in relieving pain, shrinking tumours and removing toxins from the body, making it a part of herbal cures for cancer.

Green tea:
Also known as Chinese tea, it is a drink made from the dried leaves of the Asian plant Camellia sinensis. Clinical evidence shows that green tea stops the growth of cancer cells and so is among herbal cures for cancer.

St. John’s wort:
It is a plant with yellow flowers and also goes under other names like goatweed and tipton weed. Cancer patients are often depressed and St. John’s wort is helpful in lifting this mood.

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Story first published: Monday, February 10, 2014, 23:49 [IST]
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