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Create The Illusion Of A Slimmer, Longer Neck By Trying These Easy Techniques

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Feel like your neck looks more like a fat, short stump rather than a vision of tapering slender perfection? Fix it with these style tips!

1. Choose dresses with narrow V-necklines. V-Necklines create the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck without plastic surgery! If you're brave enough you can even sport a plunging neckline. Wear tops and tees that have crew necks or V-necks and see the instant difference in the way your head connects to your body.

Get A Slimmer Looking Neck

Avoid boat-necks, halters, turtle-necks and bulky bodices as they add volume where not needed. Horizontal striped patterns are the arch enemy of any girl who wants an extended neck, so beware. Wearing a saree? Select a blouse with a tapering V-neck than a broad scoop or boat neckline. Never Wear A Collar!

2. Don long, dangly earrings. Long earrings elongate both the face and the neck so don't shy away from trying on those delicate chandeliers you always wanted! If you want the illusion of a towering neck long earrings are the way to go rather than studs or chunky pieces.

Get A Slimmer Looking Neck

Layered thin, long necklaces accentuate the neck beautifully, wear them anywhere. However, never pair both earrings and a necklace together as the look will, in fact, shorten the neck. Remember to steer clear of chunky collars, large pendants and thick chains.

3. Scarf lovers watch out!

Get A Slimmer Looking Neck

For a longer looking neck stick to skinny scarves that are draped around the neck and straight down the front; long scarves lengthen the body. Do not opt for fluffy, shorter scarves as they'll make you appear top heavy.

4. Mad Hatter-up.

Get A Slimmer Looking Neck

Hats are trending this Autumn-Winter like never before. Want to get a model's never ending neck? Wear a high topped hat with a medium sized brim. It'll add height as well as slim down the neck and face. Floppy hats are a big no-no!

5. Sunglasses Styles.

Get A Slimmer Looking Neck

Last but not the least, when buying sunglasses go for wider, rectangular frames with soft rounded edges as this design will add volume to the temples of your face and narrow down the neck.

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