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As Princess Diana’s Wedding Gown Will Be Exhibited, Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Her Gown


After two long decades, Princess Diana's statement wedding costume will be exhibited at Kensington Palace today (June 3) for public as a part of the latest exhibition, "Royal Style in the Making." Her voluminous gown, which barely fit in the royal coach was a well-guarded secret, until it was unveiled by the bride (Lady Diana) herself at her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. Her iconic gown was accentuated by approx. 25-foot train and as Lady Diana walked down the aisle, her gown offered stunning photographic moments, forever etched in the memories. Here are the interesting details about Princess Diana's wedding gown that will fascinate you.

The Designers And Queen Mary's Connection

Husband and wife-duo, David and Elizabeth Emanuel designed the iconic gown of Princess Diana. The wedding costume that was seen by as many as 750 million viewers worldwide was crafted out of ivory silk, pure taffeta, and antique lace. This significant outfit was highlighted by 10,000 pearls, hand embroidery and sequins. An 18-karat gold horseshoe was stitched into the petticoats, which symbolised good fortune. The gown featured antique lace and a decorated net lace - the Carrickmacross lace, which belonged to Queen Mary, was also sewn. While the designer duo was chosen by Lady Diana herself, the silk taffeta was made by Stephen Walters. The gown was so created that it had to incorporate Diana's personal choice in the matters of fashion but also had to be something, which will create legacy and history.

Difficulties With Lady Diana's Wedding Gown

Lady Diana's wedding gown wasn't free of difficulties. The fitting of the train became difficult as on the day of her wedding. Elizabeth Emanuel told the People that the alterations were done and the waist size was reduced by 3 inches. It was so because, Diana had lost weight in the meantime owing to bulimia (her struggle with bulimia has been shown in the Netflix series The Crown). Apart from that, the long train of her gown posed problems. According to Andrew Morton, the author in his book, Diana: Her True Story, stated that the gown's designers realised too late that they had forgotten about the gown's train size in relation to the royal coach. It became difficult for Lady Diana and her father to sit in the royal coach, as a result of which the gown got wrinkled. Also, Diana's makeup artist Barbara Daly revealed in the book Diana: The Portrait that Lady Diana had accidently spilled some perfume on her wedding gown, which left a stain but the Princess of Wales tucked the front of her dress to conceal the stain. A lot of efforts like creation of safe were also taken to keep Diana's wedding gown a secret, for there was a great curiosity as to what she will wear.

Lady Diana's Gown As Shown In The Crown

Emma Corrin, who played the role of Lady Diana in the season 4 of the Netflix series The Crown, wore the wedding gown for the show, which took as long as four months. After five fittings and 600-working hours, this gown was recreated for the actress. The gown was a result of collaboration between Amy Roberts and David Emmanuel, who was involved in the making of the original dress. However, in The Crown, you would find only 10 seconds are dedicated to the royal wedding scene. The scene only shows Emma Corrin dressed as Lady Diana but the whole event was not recreated, which made the dedicated viewers question why the scene was missed out. The answer for which was given by Emma Corrin to The Hollywood Reporter. Emma told The Hollywood Reporter that we never re-create things (scenes) just for the sake of re-creating them and if we do re-create a scene - like the engagement scene, for instance, when they do the announcement - it has to be done because it's linked to something that furthers the plot basically. She also added that the wedding scene, you could YouTube it and could be watching it in 10 seconds, so she didn't think there was any point in re-creating it.

Princess Diana's wedding gown has been donated by Prince William and Prince Harry to Historic Royal Palaces for a temporary exhibition. In 2018, Diana's wedding gown was selected by Time magazine as the "Most Influential British Royal Wedding Dresses of All Time."

Pictures Source: Instagram

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