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10 Phenomenally Good-Looking Pool Party Outfits That Will Make You The Hottie Of The Year!

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It's May guys! Are you ready for the upcoming pool parties? Or, are you confused about your outfits? Since these pool parties happen every weekend these days.
So tell us are you going to wear a same old floral dress to the party or will make your attire somewhat hot?

Pool parties are great. It has booze for every type of mood, a pool where you can chill and of course, great music. And the best part about these parties are the outfits.

If you are not prepared for the upcoming pool party then you don't have to worry. We have your back fashionwise. Today we are going to list the top-notch outfits that you can wear to your pool parties and look drop dead gorgeous. And this comes with no efforts.
You'll only have to mix and max something which already in your closet.

So here goes...


A Plunging Kaftan

You probably have thisbut have you thought of wearing it to a pool party? Wear a plunging neck Kaftan like this and take sexy wayfarers with you.


Cotton Maxi Dress As A Cover Up

Wear bikini sure, but add drama to your ensemble with a cover up see-through maxi dress. Go for a plain maxi dress while pick neon shades for your bikini.


Good Old Shorts & Stripes!

You know what works well at a pool party? Stripes when they are on your shorts. Not much of a bikini person? No worries. Keep it classy with a striped shorts, a nice tee and a clutch. Don't forget to add ankle-straps.


A White Cotton Dress

Is boho your fashion genre? Then shun everything else and get a maxi cotton dress. Comfy and stylish all at the same time.


Bring Back those Wide-Legged Pants

Pair your palazzo with a bikini top and hip hip hurray! Add a hat for extra dose of sexy.


Cover Up That Bikini

Wear a bikini but add see through cover up. In that way you can flaunt your bikini body and not come across to revealing. Also, you can always jump in the pool just by taking the cover up off.


Shirt Dresses!

You know what's trending? It's the shirt dress. Borrow your brother's or boyfriend's shirt and turnh it into an adorable shirt dress. Be the first one to flaunt this trend.

So are we ready for the pool party?

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2016, 17:49 [IST]
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