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8 Saree Hacks To Make You Look Slim – Yes! It's Possible Now!

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Everyone wants to wear a saree. Everyone loves a saree. And why not? It's our ultimate cultural representation, fashionwise. While a saree can make you look drop-dead gorgeous, it can also make you look like a panda wraped in heaps of linen.

It's probably why many choose to switch to a salwar suit than going for sarees. If you fall on the healthier side of the spectrum, we understand you completely.

They say saree is not everyone's cup of tea, but not anymore. Since we have discovered 8 saree hacks that not only make you look gorgeous in a saree, but also slimmer. Yes, it's possible to look slim in saree just by following these simple hacks below.

Now say goodbye to your fashion inhibitions, and embrace ethnic fashion with a saree.


Hack 1: Pin It In Style

For a saree, the most important thing starts with draping. If you don't tuck it neat, the unwanted area will bulge out making you look unkempt. So the first rule is to pin it neatly. Pin it over your waist if you want to hide your love handles. Make neat and sleek pleats. Use extra pins if needed.


Hack 2: A Full Sleeve Blouse

Many ignore the fact that blouse is the second most important thing while wearing saree. To make your arms look slimmer, go for a full sleeve blouse.


Hack 3: Saree Fabric

Avoid cotton or silk saree or any other fabric that adds weight to the appearance. Go for flowy fabrics like chiffon or georgette. These fabrics are flowy and rest on your torso neatly. This will gracefully enhance your curves.


Hack 4: Thin Saree Border

Instead of going for a heavy and thick border which will make you look bulky. Go for a thin saree border.


Hack 5: A Belly Chain

It's trending these days. The 60s belly chain! And since you have anapt waist for this you can totally pull this off. Also, it will take attention off the other areas which you want to hide.


Hack 6: A Fishcut Petticoat

Instead of going for a straight cotton petticoat, go for a fish cut. Why? Because it will help in hiding your bulging fat around the waist, making your tummy look smaller.


Hack 7: Darker Shade Sarees

As they say, black makes you look slimmer... Black, Red, Maroon are your colours. This will trick in making you look slimmer.


Hack 8: Magic Knickers!

Go for the magic knickers. It will keep your bulging flab hidden, giving you a perfect curve.

Try these simple and doable saree hacks. Trick people with your slimmer self. And let us know how did you find this article. 

Coming soon... more fashion hacks that you can use for everyday wears. 

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