Headed To The Beach? Pull Bikinis Off Like A Pro With These Simple Tips!

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No, not just the summer, autumn is also a great season to hit the beach. The weather's perfectly cool and the sun is easy on the eyes. It's truly the best blend of hot and cool. Take some time off and plan yourself a seaside vacation, invite friends and family, pack and leave.

Beach Fashion

If only it were that easy... Planning and invitations may not be the problem, but bikinis for a vacation? The question looms - to pack or not to pack? However, it's only fair that you look uber chic while you play with the waves and party on the beach. So we've got it sorted out.

Keep reading to know how you can pull off the bikini look with sass.

1. Choose The Right Bikini For Your Body Type:

Beach Fashion

This is probably the most important thing that'll help you look great in a two piece swimsuit. A bikini made to flatter your body will look way better than something your friend looks good in so get to know your body before you hit the beach. No, your body will not miraculously look like that of a Victoria's Secret model's but you will look great in a bikini.

All body types can wear swimsuits but it's not like one cut, shape, silhouette or colour will flatter everyone

2. Hats And Flip Flops:

Beach Fashion

Don't go to the beach in just a bikini. Accessorise it well, your efforts will not go unnoticed. A good floppy hat and colourful flip flops can totally transform your look. Coordinate or contrast colours to get interesting results. Side braid or crown braid hairstyles can add texture to your look and make you look like a beachy beauty.

Jewellery can be worn to sea. How? Don't wear anything too delicate as it may get lost. Opt for chunky wooden bangles and beaded necklaces. Anklets are another new way of amping up your beach look.

3. Push Up:

Beach Fashion

Sagging breasts are one of the most important signs of ageing. They look unflattering on any body type. To avoid this problem go for a bikini that is under-wired, under-wire supports your breasts and lifts them. Lifted breasts create the illusion of a slimmer waist and enhanced hips. Isn't this what we all aim for? Under-wire is your best friend!

Beach Fashion

Pack bikinis that are the correct size, anything too big or too small will make you look ridiculous. Try on your swimsuits before you choose which ones you want to take with you, this way you can see for yourself how you look in each of them beforehand.

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