Birthday Boy, Navjot Singh Sidhu: Three Style Tips To Steal From Sidhu Paaji!

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This man is probably the best India has to offer in terms of men's fashion. Navjot Singh Sidhu is a former Indian cricketer and was a Member of Parliament from Amritsar (Lok Sabha constituency). After retirement from cricket Navjot Singh Sidhu took up television commentary, and politics. He now features on the show Comedy Nights With Kapil.

"Men Age Like Wine And Women Age Like Milk." This saying may or may not be true for any given reason but we think that this is definitely true with our Sidhu Paaji. He has just kept getting better and better and doesn't look a day older than 30! Here are some great pointers for all men to keep in mind the next time they're getting dressed for a festival, office, a date or even a weekend getaway

1. Colour Co-ordinate:

Navjot Singh Sidhu Fashion

All the time, everywhere, Navjot Singh Sidhu is dressed tastefully. Why? Because he colour co-ordinates! His ties, pocket squares, neck scarves and the turban are always the same colour or complimenting shades from the same palette. He chooses the most luxurious colours and makes them work like no one else can. We love his collection of clothes and accessories!

2. Perfect Turbans:

Navjot Singh Sidhu Fashion

Okay, so this may apply to only Sikh men but let's take the essence of the style here. He ties his turbans with such meticulous precision that we wonder how that's even possible. The usual notion is that women are perfectionists with their fashion but men can also be proud of their idealist sense of dressing. A man this neat and presentable is a huge turn on to anyone, trust us.

3. Suits:

Navjot Singh Sidhu Fashion

Though you may not wear suits every day or you live in a particularly hot climate that discourages heavy fabrics layered one over the other, you can still enjoy a suit from time to time. Suits exude masculinity and confidence. They make you look important and get attention in the best way. This something every man needs, especially when making a first impression.

Navjot Singh Sidhu is a true fashion icon as he embraces the same day to day and never fails to turn up anywhere without an uber sharp look. Guys, just sit back and take notes from this classy gentleman and trust us, your wardrobe (to begin with) will never be the same again.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 20:02 [IST]
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