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Nida Mahmood's Whimsical Runway For Amazon India Fashion Week 2016

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Nida Mahmood is a graduate from NIFT and loves to battle anything that is boring and repetitive. Her approach to fashion and lifestyle is something we love about her because she's definitely not your average designer. She is famous for turning mainstream couture on its head and looking at things from new angles. One can never find Nida Mahmood following the crowd. She paves her own paths and is a pioneer in stuff like draping a saree over denim designs.

Nida Mahmood juggles various facets of her personality and she keeps morphing into a designer, writer, artist and painter. She sees the world through a different lens and sometimes even without, to see the world for what it is. Mahmood is a one of a kind woman who enjoys challenges and infuses life into mundane fashion trends. She didn't do any different at the Amazon India Fashion Week and we're excited to share her work with you, dear reader.

Nida Mahmood At AIFW 2016

This sleeveless shift dress is such a dream because of the play of colours going on all over it. We love the symmetry in the pattern and the chevrons that have added texture to the fabric.The electric blue shoes and the orange sunglasses are the typical Nida Mahmood effect as she is anything but boring.

Nida Mahmood At AIFW 2016

Ms. Mahmood shows us that there can be a harmonious blend between fun and fashion by using chaotic colours and prints. This head gear looks super quirky and cute for the runway and we love the sunglasses, they seem to work with anything. Nida Mahmood, you genius!

Nida Mahmood At AIFW 2016

This outfit takes us to Bohemia. We love the rusty shades in this palette as it works well with the Indian skin tone. We also can't take our eyes off the head dress! It sure gets a lot of attention. The funky shoes complete the look and we love the tropical, bohemian vibe to this Mahmood number.

Nida Mahmood At AIFW 2016

This ensemble is a colour match dream. We love the cropped, flowy green pants and we love the pale pink printed top but we absolutely adore them both together! This outfit works well with anyone who takes colour co-ordinating to the next level.

Nida Mahmood At AIFW 2016

Nida Mahmood's fantastical designs have captured us. Tell us what you think in the comments box below.

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