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A Short Girl Should Never Wear These!

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'Vertically challenged', 'shorty', 'petite', etc., if you have survived these names or are still surviving these, you are not alone. Height plays an important factor in fashion. The tall models fill us with disappointments but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

You might not be able to add inches to your height anymore (in case you can, please let us know) but you surely can trick a few styling tips and appear taller.

The best thing about fashion is that it always has solutions. Tall, short, petite, fat, skinny, it covers every body type. Today we are going to help our 'little' friends and make them look taller. Seriously, it's easier than you think. But before we start, we highly recommend embracing your natural built and height because no matter how many tricks you can apply, in the end, it has to come from within.

Feel good about yourself and these little tricks will just accentuate everything from there. Don't feel whine about your short height. So what you couldn't a few more inches before you hit puberty, you can wear heels without having a second thought.

There are a lot of fashion benefits that comes with being short. You can wear heels and shorts with thinking much. We can go on and on about what you should wear to make you look taller but let's keep it for later.

Before we start with that, let's focus on what you should not wear. This piece cover a list clothing items that short should not wear. Why? Because these items will make them look even smaller.


Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts were made keeping in mind the tall people. The mid-length trousers divide your height instead of adding it.


Wide-Legged Pants

Wide-legged pants will make you even shorter so it's better you avoid these at max.


Shirt Dresses

These are lovely but not lovely on you.


Over-sized Bags

Try and add bags according to your size. Oversized bag will make you look petite.


Mid Calf Boots

Mid-Calf boots are something a tall girl can pull off. They are lovely but they appear to reduce height.


Horizontal Stripes

You must not wear these. Simple rule: Tallies should avoid vertical lines and shorties should avoid horizontal.


Ankle-Strap Heels

Ankle-strap heels are not your friends, trust us on this.

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