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What To Wear For A Brunch? Common Question Amidst Men! Get Your Answers Here

By Gautam Gayan

Brunch! Everyone gets excited to hear this word, but don't know what exactly to wear on a brunch. That too especially men.

Men usually tend to dress quite naively. But they don't realise the fact that, some people look at them or rather judge them for their dress sense. Who would want her boyfriend to be dressed bad, or may be out of style? NOBODY. So all the men out there we've got something in store for you.

Nowadays, "Brunch" has become a trend. People usually tend to invite people for brunch mostly over the weekends. Those who do not know what a brunch is, it is basically a practice of consuming "breakfast" and "lunch" at the same time, hence the name "Brunch".

What is mostly observed is men fail to dress up well during brunches. As it falls on a weekend, they assume all the brunches are same, and they end up wearing anything they feel like. Brunches can be official, personal, with colleagues, relatives et cetera. We cannot wear casuals to an official brunch and vice-versa. So pay attention and get to know some tips on "how to dress up for a brunch".

Invitation from boss- Invitation from Boss for a team outing on a Sunday? Please do not do the mistake of wearing casual shorts with loafers or slippers, it's a big NO. Try wearing something really soothing for such a meeting. Something formal or semi formal. No tie or bow is required, but nicely done trouser and shirt with a "blazer" completes it all.

Want to impress your girl?- Then you should definitely dress well. Every woman would want her boyfriend/fiance to look good, and be presentable. Nobody would like to have a man, who directly jumps out of the bed and comes to the date, because it's called a brunch. You can definitely shed out those "high waist" pants and half-sleeved shirts. They should be high waist trousers, and not denim. To add a little more spice to it, just play with your hair a bit and give it a wavy look. A pair of good loafers or boots is just an add on.

Meeting someone for the first time?- Going for a casual date? Well! Well! You cannot be messy at all. Men usually are messy with their clothes or their hair. But not any more. Just dig in to your wardrobe, get those "suspenders" and just flaunt them with beauty and confidence. Your dungaree/suspenders with a subtle coloured shirt and pant would really make you look hot and sexy. Before going for the date, make sure you have a little bit of stubble to play with (wink).

Colleagues' birthday & invited for a brunch?- Well getting dressed for these kinda brunch, you actually do not have to do much preparations. Just put on your best straight fit jeans with shirt (one fold sleeves). But the main attraction of this attire is to wear contrasting "loafers" and "bow tie" with it. Make sure to have your sunglasses on, and hairdo perfect with blow dried waves.

"Being a man is not only about masculinity, patriarchy, it's also about being gentle, caring and kind"; and all of these characters in a man, can be portrayed through his attire.

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