Right or Left, Which Side Of Buttons Do You Belong?

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Androgynous clothing was not a big hit centuries ago, in fact they did not even know the term androgynous. Women wore gigantic gowns with layers, which sometimes made their gait uncomfortable and let to the making of larger doors since they couldn't pass the door with such gigantic dress, while men on the other hand enjoyed sleek pants, vests and jackets.

Theory Behind Your Shirt Buttons

Women and men are not only policed in their chores but also in their fashion. Like the famous phrase, pink is for girls, blue is for boys. How is it even logical? Seriously. Did the rainbow come and tell us to start a sexist color revolution? Men and women are equals, but for some reason our forefathers refused to believe this and tried as hard as they could to divide the two as per their genders. They did it wherever they could find a place: employment, household work, and lastly, they ended up making some defined gender biasness in fashion.

And one miserable product of this gender-based-fashion is a shirt. Yes, a simply, easy-to-wear garment managed to find a role in serving men and women differently. How? Probably, you are already aware of the reason and if not, here goes: Men shirts' buttons are on the right side while women shirts' buttons are on the left.

Theory Behind Your Shirt Buttons

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But why? What difference does it make to simply change the placing of a button strip from right to left, or left to right? Well, I guess it did and that's why we are here to talk about the theory related to such weird fashion.

This has been a debatable topic for a few years now. Well, as per one theory women in Victorian times had heaps of clothes to wear in the form a gigantic gown, which for any normal human being is an impossible task to accomplish by herself. So they had maids to dress them up. In a layman's language, if the buttons are on the left hand side it is easier for your maid to dress you up. But did Victorians think about their workers and also, if maids dresses their madams, who dresses the maids? Whatever was the reason we ended up with two forms of shirts with buttons stitched on different side as per our gender.

Theory Behind Your Shirt Buttons

Now why men buttons are on the right side? Probably, because men dressed themselves and it was easier for them to dress up if the buttons were on their right side.

Theory Behind Your Shirt Buttons

Honestly, this has been the most weirdest fashion fact I've ever come across with no relevant theory to justify this trend. Nevertheless, you all probably know the reason (how much ever illogical) why do we button our shirts differently.
If you don't believe us, check your boyfriend's or brother's t-shirt right now and compare it with yours. You'll find out.
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Story first published: Thursday, October 1, 2015, 17:28 [IST]
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